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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cold Spring Police Searching for Man Charging Items to Jolly Plumbing Account

Cold Spring Police are asking for help catching this suspect...
(Img: Cold Spring Police Department)

By Jessie Eden

Cold Spring Police Department is searching for a suspect who allegedly has been charging to a Jolly Plumbing account at Home Depot.

The suspect has charged to the account from three different Home Depot locations; West Chester, Florence and Cold Spring.

Suspect checks out at a register at Home Depot
(Img: Cold Spring Police Department)

Security cameras were able to capture a few images of the man and the car he was driving. There are also two videos. The clearest video is below.

"This guy is illegally charging on Jolly Plumbing's Home Depot account at the Cold Spring, West Chester, and Florence stores," said Brady Jolly. "Any help finding the thief would be greatly appreciated."

This is the vehicle this suspect was driving.
(Img: Cold Spring Police Department)

If you recognize this person, please contact the Cold Spring Police Department at 859-441-6289.

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