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Monday, April 20, 2020

Earth Day Week Activities for the Quarantined

By Chuck Keller

Over the last few years, Earth Day, April 22,  has become the city’s first big party in the park.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus forced the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy and the city to cancel the event so it will be conducted on the Conservancy’s Facebook page and will contain activities for children, tips for health and diet, as well as tips to reducing our footprints on the planet.

See more in the links at the bottom of this article.

Starting on Monday, visitors to the site will find an informational blurb for each day centering around a theme.  Throughout the day some lessons and activities will be added. Visitors can contribute additional ideas in the Comments section because community builds strength and focus.

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 Here are the themes for the week.

Reduce and Reuse Day.  We suggest our favorite ways to reduce and reuse and let others leave their suggestions in the comments.

Recycle Day.  Information on how to get a city recycling bin and what Rumpke will accept.  There will be information about Kroger recycling as well as activity.

Earth Day and the History of Earth Day. Enjoy the Earth. Take a hike. This day will focus on walking instead of driving, and what you can see at a slower pace. It will include a wildflower scavenger hunt. It will ask people to add their own pictures to the comment section of something beautiful that they found outside that day. Families can even have a photo contest and spend a half hour trying to find the most beautiful thing to take a picture of outside. It will also include tips about combining trips and carpooling.
Sharing the Earth. This will focus on the web of life and on sharing the earth with the other animals that live on it. People could send in pictures of the animals that they see in their own yard.

Arbor Day. This day will be all about trees.  Don’t run out to buy anything. Learn how to Grow a Pine.

Diet for a Small Planet. Meat-free diet ideas.  Share your best veggie recipes.

It’s been a fun week celebrating the Earth and now it is Time to Power Down.  This will focus on using less electricity. The activity will be to have a two-hour no electricity night with your family (this includes phones).

Copy the poster above and visit the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy Facebook page this week for some Earth Day fun.

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