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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Fort Thomas Families Embrace 'Quarantine-o-ween' and Dress Up in Costumes

"Joe Exotic" from the hit Netflix series "Tiger King" poses on his throne with, of course, a bengal tiger. So majestic! 
(Img: Perry Sauer)

By Jessie Eden

If you didn't see our "Quarantine-O-Ween" post from last week, you may have missed celebrating it on the March 31st...but you can still participate! That's the great part about a made-up holiday.

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The idea is to dress up in your best Halloween costume, take photos and share on social media. It's a great way to smile and make others smile during this stressful time.

We received two sets of amazing photos from some awesome families. We've put them in a gallery below.

If you decide to play along, Fort Thomas Matters would love to see your photos. Simply email them to

Perry Sauer & Family:

David & Sherry Pratt:

The Frey Family - Tommy, Anastasia, Sutton, and Halston:

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