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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gettysburg Square Apartments Gives Back by Helping Cobblestone Cafe

Gettysburg Square gives back to Fort Thomas business.
(Img: Gettysburg Square Apartments website)

By Jessie Eden

Gettysburg Square Apartments, owned and operated by North American Properties, has gone out of its way to help one of Fort Thomas' beloved businesses - Cobblestone Cafe - in a BIG way. North American Properties donated over $6,000 to Cobblestone Cafe on behalf of Gettysburg Square as a result of a special program called "Rent to Outreach".

With the emergence of Covid-19 and quarantine, Gettysburg Square Property Manager Todd Razor realized that there would be several different kinds of needs in the community. "Ownership (North American Properties) is always looking for a way to give back. We knew people were going to be struggling so we encouraged people to pay their rent on time, if they could, and we worked with others that were struggling. North American threw in $20 per lease that was paid on time."

Lena Hill has lived at Gettysburg Square for three years and said the contest was a great idea. "Their slogan at Gettysburg is "Love where you live!" I definitely do. They have been nothing but great since I've been here. There's been other fun contests they've held for residents during quarantine that have just been fun! Really makes me proud. Going above and beyond locally also is heart warming."

Gettysburg Square Apartments has nearly 500 tenants in over 360 apartments. Residents who paid rent on time by April 6 were able to nominate a local business that the money in the "Rent to Outreach" fund would go to. "It's a great group of diverse people from all walks of life and they love the Fort Thomas community. We just wanted people to know that we were willing to help local businesses and in total, 38 businesses were nominated."

The most nominated business? Cobblestone Cafe. "Residents said they really enjoyed Cobblestone Cafe and missed walking there for the great food. You just hate to see a place like that close down." Cobblestone plans to reopen on May 5. 

Cobblestone Cafe posts a sign in the front window stating it will open on May 5.
(Img: Cobblestone Cafe Facebook)

In total, North American Properties wrote a check for the "Rent to Outreach" program in the amount of $6,240. The total amount went to Cobblestone Cafe in April. "We just wanted people to know that we are going to work with you. We aren't just here to make a profit -- we're here to help and find a solution."

Todd confirmed that the community plans on running the "Rent to Outreach" program again in May and they will be taking nominations for another business that will win the money.

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