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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Gov. Beshear Announces 93 New Coronavirus cases, notes projections from White House

Governor Andy Beshear announced Wednesday that there are 93 new cases in Kentucky with five in Kenton County. There were 114 new cases yesterday.

There were two deaths, a 60-year old  from Daviess County and a 76-year old from Hopkins County. There are now 20 deaths in the state of Kentucky related to Coronavirus.

"We are in the surge," said Gov. Beshear. "This entire month is absolutely critical. We typically see the ramifications for how well we are doing about two weeks later. All of our sacrifices we are making now is making a difference in this fight."

He said that Kentucky is attempting to increase their healthcare capacity and equipment. Already available in the state are 18,500 hospital beds, 1,300 ICU Beds and 1,352 ventilators. He also said Kentucky has conducted around 10,000 total tests, but they are having difficulty attainting personal protective equipment.

"It's not just our state, but we're scrapping for it every day," said Gov. Beshear. "It's harder than ever to get PPE in our nation. I'm very frustrated by this."

Beshear also noted that he has concerns that the White House's projections for how this pandemic will continue to play out, saying that he believes the federal scenario is overly optimistic with 100,000 to 240,000 deaths projected.

For Kentucky in the White House's model, he said that means 1,300 to 3,200 deaths.

"I'm committed that we can do better on our social distancing. That's only a prediction. It's fair to say that we believe the danger is greater than what the White House is projecting, but we're tough. We're committed to doing better than this. We can beat any model that is put out there," said Beshear.

Gov. Beshear said that there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus cases in Hopkins County. He noted that there were 2 4 positive cases and two deaths in the last few days, which he said can be traced to a church revival.

"We can't violate the rules we're putting out there. Notice what harm only one meeting or service can do with regard to spreading this virus. We can't ignore the guidance. It's not a test of faith to attend in person services."

Additionally, Beshear said the national guard will be deployed to help food banks, specifically noting this would occur in Wilder.

He also warned people to not be fooled by scam “Drive-Thru” testing sites. Louisville and Hazard have had scam artists trying to collect people’s DNA saying it’s Coronavirus testing.

The first official state drive-thru test may come this weekend.

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