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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gov. Beshear: projected budget shortfall "real threat", urges for federal assistance

"You are not just passing, you are acing this test of humanity. This is our moment to prove we are a special generation. We are willing to sacrifice, perseverance and make sacrifices to defeat the Coronavirus," said Governor Andy Beshear. 

He said that tomorrow, the press conference will focus on how Covid-19 has affected Kentucky's revenues. For the first time since the state's first case was reported, he will not hold a briefing on Saturday.

"This Coronavirus has had significant negative impact on our economy. This is a real threat to helping us rebuild. Without federal assistance we will be in a recession longer and unemployment will be greater. (The Federal Government helped during the Great Recession), they need to do it now. This is not a political issue."

Beshear alluded to a very significant shortfall in state budget and noted that could hurt our education and public safety budgets. 

Kentucky's third quarter revenue report was just released shows a potential General Fund revenue shortfall of $318.7 to $495.7 million for FY20. 

THURSDAY 4/30/20 - UPDATE from Governor Beshear:

> NEW CASES: 174 (184 yesterday) (Total number in Ky: 4,708)

- 3 in Campbell Co.
- 27 in Kenton Co. 
- 13 in Boone Co.
- 1 in Grant Co.

- Over 56,511 tests completed to date in Kentucky
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 1,375
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 330
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 648
- Still Currently in ICU: 178
- Recovered Patients: 1,675

>DEATHS: 5 (Total Death Toll: 240) 

Recap from yesterday on gradual reopening of economy dates:

"Work has to look different," said Gov. Beshear. "If you try to be the exception, you'll cause a spike in your office and maybe a spike in Kentucky that would cause us to pull back."

He said that there has been some pushback from businesses on temperature and health checks. 

"These are things that allow us to start reopening our economy, even in a time where we're facing a worldwide pandemic. Let's buy into them, not push back on them," said Beshear. 

May 11: manufacturing, construction, vehicle or boat dealerships, professional service (50%), horse racing (no fans), dog grooming boarding.

May 20: retail, houses of worship (in-person services, likely a percentage of occupancy).

May 25: 10-person social gatherings, barbers, salons, cosmetology and similar services.

*Industries that will not be in the phase 1 reopening: restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, camp grounds, youth sports (June or July). Gov. Beshear said that public pools, summer camps and daycare will likely not be in a phase 1 or 2 reopening.

Beshear reiterating that steps announced yesterday regarding public pools, also apply to non-public communal pools such as apartment complexes, private clubs, etc.

Gov. Beshear indicated he hoped to have daycare facilities running in June.

Final recommended requirements will be completed by Monday. which should include a full list of industries and dates allowable for re-opening.

Additional notes:

- Two new drive-thru testing locations (Jessamine and Owen Co.) but still none in NKY. 
- New research shows 81 percent of Kentuckians approve of the way Gov. Beshear is handling the state's response to COVID-19, which is second highest rating, behind only Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

- Long-term care facilities: New cases in 24 residents and five staff. Two additional deaths.

Totals in those facilities: Cases in 727 residents and 307 staff; 122 deaths (1 staff, 121 residents).

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