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Monday, April 6, 2020

Gov. Beshear: Up to 7 People Have Died from Coronavirus in NKY as of April 6

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear announced in his daily press conference on Monday that 14 people have died from the coronavirus.

Please note that, per Gov. Beshear, some deaths were not reported to the Governor's office. Some were only reported to the health departments so these may have been missed in the final count.

  • 96-year-old male in Kenton
  • 81-year-old female Campbell
  • 92-year-old female and an 89-year-old female in Kenton
  • 63-year-old male in Campbell
  • 2 separate 91-year-old females in Kenton Co (Gov. Beshear admitted that this may be a duplicate, they are checking on this)

In addition, there are 54 new cases, bringing the grand total up to 1,008 in Kentucky. Three of those cases were in Kenton County, one case was in Campbell County. Gov. Beshear released some additional information on testing and the number of recoveries as well;
  • 19k have been tested.
  • 163 have been hospitalized
  • Only 70 currently in hospitals at the moment.

“The next weeks and the next month are absolutely critical. Our goal in Kentucky, although we know there will be loss and it will be heartbreaking, it is our duty to minimize the loss here in Kentucky. The White House is fully supportive of the actions we’ve taken.”

"Your actions every single day help us fight this virus. This is about us being a good neighbor, not 
just to those who live next to us, everybody oughta be your neighbor."

Other Updates:

- It is National Public Health Week so Gov. Beshear thanked all individuals working in public health.

- We are one month into knowing the coronavirus was in Kentucky.

- Hundreds have been hired to help with unemployment claims. Gov. Beshear asked Kentuckians to be patient as the antiquated system issues are worked out.

- We will be using cabins in state parks for quarantine first responders. Currently we will be using the cabins, additionally considering the lodges if needed.

- "When you compare us to the rest of the county, what we are doing is flattening the curve. We don’t yet know how much or how long but the data suggests putting action in early, is helping."

- We need positive social media out there.

- Agreement with Gravity Diagnostics may allow us to get an extra 2,000 tests in Kentucky.

- N95 Masks, gloves and gowns are in need right now. "I know we still have more PPE out there, we need them. We can use medical and industrial gloves. You can call this number or visit the website to donate;

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