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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Governor Andy Beshear lists six new deaths in Northern Kentucky

A day that saw Northern Kentucky hit hard win terms of positive cases and deaths with four deaths in Kenton County and two in Campbell County, Governor Andy Beshear said that he will tell us more about which businesses are allowed to reopen tomorrow.

"Decisions on reopening can be decisions of life or death," said Gov. Beshear. "None of us have ever done it before. We have hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it's going to take us a while to get there."

Beshear said that even as we loosen social restrictions in May, there may need to be healthy at home practices as much as possible. Beshear talked more about the strong request to utilize masks in Kentucky.

"No one is going to be penalized for not wearing a mask, but isn't this our responsibility to help out our neighbors?" asked Beshear.

Businesses will be required to wear masks when forward-facing to public and when there is opportunity for gathering.

"These are all things that are going to apply to every form of business. It is a total change in concept of how you run something."

He outlined the 10 rules for being Healthy at Work:

1. Telework as possible
2. Phased return to work
3. Onsite temp/health checks
4. Universal masks + other PPE
5. No common areas
6. Social distancing
7. Limit face-to-face meeting
8. Sanitizer/handwash stations
9. Special accommodations
10. Testing plan

More information on that initiative:

More information: 

14 drive-thru testing locations, however none currently in Northern Kentucky. 

> NEW CASES: 230, 87 yesterday 

- 4 in Campbell Co.
- 17 in Kenton Co. 
- 9 in Boone Co.
- 2 in Grant Co. 

4 deaths from Kenton and 2 deaths from Campbell Co. 

"We want to get testing capacity up to 20,000 per week," said Gov. Beshear. 

- Over 52,411 tests completed to date in Kentucky
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 1,331
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 320
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 625
- Still Currently in ICU: 170
- Recovered Patients: 1,617

>DEATHS: 12 (Total Death Toll: 224, with 1 probable death).

Asked about Attorney General Daniel Cameron joining the lawsuit over the travel ban and threatening a suit over church service actions, Gov. Beshear said that his administration had banned all mass gatherings, not just church services. 

"Early rulings by judges have indicated that the actions we've taken are legal," said Beshear. "Folks, I'm not trying to set rules that are difficult. I'm not trying to set rules that are controversial. I'm just trying to set rules that save people's lives." 

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