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Monday, April 6, 2020

Highlands Choir Performs "The Star Spangled Banner" Virtually

(Img: Highlands High School Virtual Choir)


In Governor Beshear's press conference on Monday, April 6, this video was featured at the very end.

"Our actions every single day make a difference. remember those traits from the greatest generation; personal responsibility, integrity, work ethic and faithful commitment. those same traits can guide us through this coronavirus," said Gov. Beshear. "I know this generation, us, we can be great too. We can be great by passing this test of humanity, protecting people around us...and Kentucky, we can be one of those bright, shining examples of when we take all the division and we push it away and we come together to protect one another and the great work we can do."

By Jessie Eden

Here is something to warm your heart! These kids sure are talented!

The talented students at Highlands High School came together 'virtually' to perform "The Start Spangled Banner". The piece, arranged by Young, was performed by the Highlands High School Choirs.

You can view the full piece below;

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