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Monday, April 13, 2020

Highlands Grad Creates Initiative to Recognize Frontline Heroes

Highlands grad Jason Thome and his fellow Vanderbilt University alum, Krishna Vibhu Krishna have created "Faces of the Frontline" as a new effort to recognize those working on the frontlines to fight Covid-19.
(Img: Faces of the Frontline)

Highlands High School Class of 2013 graduate Jason Thome, himself embarking on a journey to
pursue his MD-PhD, was up late one night thinking how he could do his part to serve alongside those in his future field. Scrolling through Instagram, he saw a friend post about a budding project --@facesofthefrontline -- a platform for honoring our healthcare frontliners and positively impacting their mental health during these challenging times. Thome knew, while he couldn't fight alongside our frontline heroes, he could certainly support them and their selfless bravery.

Together with Vibhu Krishna, Creative Director & Founder, along with other friends from their alma mater Vanderbilt University, Thome is spearheading this important initiative.

"Through @facesofthefrontline, we are creating a space to inspire communities and to honor our resilient COVID-19 frontliners," Thome says. "We are collecting words of affirmation from community members encouraging frontliners to share their stories through any artform and connecting us all through a better understanding of this pandemic, told through the experiences of our frontline heroes."

Visit "Faces of the Frontline" on Instagram!

"I saw the crucial need for improved morale among caregivers, who are risking their own health to work tirelessly for the health of our communities," Krishna, a Columbia University medical student, commented when asked how she came up with the idea. Through their website, she says, "Frontliners can sign up to receive community-sourced words of affirmation and share their stories through any expressive medium."

Krishna adds this platform is an excellent way to rally members of the community behind our frontline heroes. "Community members can nominate these heroes to be featured on our platforms, and they can also contribute the community-sourced affirmations we are sending to our frontliners."

Thome agrees. "I know how supportive our Northern Kentucky communities are, and I have heard from many community members how they want to help our frontliners but don't know how." He adds, "We all may not have resources to contribute, but we absolutely have our words, our appreciation -- our love. That's why I want to share with all of you this platform, where you can show that love for our NKY frontline heroes right now."

Their website is, where you as a community member can nominate your frontline hero and send in your words of affirmation. And if you are one of those heroes yourself, you are encouraged to share your story -- narratives, poetry, any artform of your choice. You can also follow their social media accounts on Instagram (@facesofthefrontline) and Twitter (@facesofthefront).

Together, we can make a difference. Let's do our part, NKY!

#NKYStrong #StrongerTogether #FacesOfTheFrontline

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