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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Honor Holy Week & Social Distancing from Your Car With 14 Stations of the Cross Throughout Fort Thomas

Drive Through Stations of the Cross

Fort Thomas resident JonBob Willis decorates the stations of the cross for use around Fort Thomas this Easter Weekend. 

By Jessie Eden

Two Fort Thomas residents, along with several community members, are creating a new way to worship this Easter holiday with 'Drive Through Stations of the Cross'.

Stop searching, start finding.

The idea has been spearheaded by Megan Josten and her brother-in-law, JonBob Willis, has been helping with the actual stations.

The journey, about an hour long, is helping those who want to honor Holy Week practice social distancing at the same time.

Although this is a new way to still worship, please keep in mind that per Governor Andy Beshear's orders;

- Only people within the same household may be in the same car.
- Nothing should be passed from car to car.
- Cars should also remain six feet apart as it is likely that windows will be down if the weather is nice.

The idea came together VERY fast. "Monday afternoon we started getting support from the Saint Catherine community and by Monday night we felt like we had enough momentum to get it started," said JonBob. "Early Tuesday morning I sourced all the materials to build 14 frames and spent the entire day cutting and assembling. Wednesday I created all the artwork mostly borrowed from a digital coloring book that had imagery for the 14 catholic stations of the cross. I added my own narrative elements and some touches of spray paint and we pasted them on the frames that I built the day before."

Megan spent her time organizing the communication and developing the route through Fort Thomas.

JonBob got creative with the pieces, putting his own stamp on the classic pieces of art. "All the artwork was wheat pasted and embellished using a glue combination that I’ve created and spray paint. Ripping and tearing and layering additional elements on the boards." 

The posted the boards Thursday afternoon and JonBob says the feedback has been amazing. "We just finished delivering them around town and it was awesome seeing how happy everybody was to receive their board. It’s gonna be a great way for that community to engage Easter while maintain social distancing."

Click here for access to the kid's coloring sheets for each station.

Additional information and an interactive map of the locations can be found below.

For instruction on how to pray the 14 Stations of the Cross, check out "Drive Through Stations of the Cross" on Facebook. 

If you participate, we'd love to see your photos! Email me at


Drive Through Stations of the Cross

Drive time: 30 minutes. Expect that the journey will take 50-60minutes.

I want to welcome you and yours to what should be a beautiful and prayerful time. These stations will be available from Good Friday morning to Easter evening. This journey will take you to 14 different stations hosted by 14 different homes within our community.

This experience was designed to honor Holy Week as well as honoring the social distancing and stay at home order. We encourage you to follow the governor's orders.

This is an unprecedented time for our world; so, let's be unprecedented in our prayers. Let us unite our prayers on the streets of Fort Thomas during this Drive through Stations of the Cross.

Our prayer is that Jesus' love would echo through all of Fort Thomas. We pray his love would sound out all fear, anxiety, restlessness, and loneliness. So let us come together. Let us pray together. Let us gaze upon our Lord's scandalous love for us!

Below, you will find all you need to move through each Station. 
Included is the address of each station and the station reading. We recommend having kids take turns reading the stations. We will also have included coloring pages for the kids. I will also attach a mapquest link for those without GPS access. 

You can find the Mapquest link here and below....

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of those in our community that made this possible out of their generosity; 

Deacon Brian and Jennie Cox; Barb Venable; Kay and Fred Macke; Tina and Jon Guth; Amy and Skyler Street; Amanda and Evan Crawford; Nancy and Bob Hassman; Terri and Mark Babey; Julie and Chris Dupont,; Judy and Jack Rose; Kim and Tom Lampe; Mary Ann and Mark Metzner; Kelly Johnson; Nancy Kelly; Linda and John Schuchter; Nancy Miller; Joanna Niehaus; Kevin and Karen Little; Mike and Carol Desmond!

Thank you!!!!
Also, many, many thanks to Jonathan Willis for building and designing these stations!

In His Sweet, Scandalous Love,
Megan Josten

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