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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kentucky to open Covid-19 testing to anyone who wants it

Governor Andy Beshear reported today that anyone who wants a test for Cover-19 will get one today, at his daily press conference.

"We are able now to open our testing to the general public," Beshear said. "Don't be scared to get a test. If you have symptoms, please get a test."

Beshear said the state plans to deploy 20,000 tests a week, which would be a significant increase from the current rate. That would nearly double the amount of people that have been tested in Kentucky since April 12. He said the 10,209 people have been tested since that day.

Dr. Steven Stack, the Kentucky commissioner of public health, said the state is urging that decisions on testing be made by clinicians. He also urged hospitals to start testing more people.

Increased testing and an increase in personal protective equipment allowed Beshear to announce that certain health care services will start being phased back into operation on Monday. The areas that will be allowed to re-open include diagnostic radiation, non-urgent emergency care, and in-person office and ambulatory visits.

Gov. Beshear began his press conference by breaking the pandemic into three phases.

"We have passed the first phase, which was sacrifice," said Gov. Beshear.  "We are in the second phase, which is planning and patience. After that is perseverance, because we are going to have to persevere through a new normal until there's a vaccine."

In Northern Kentucky there were 30 additional cases of COVID-19 that have been identified in for 336 total cases.

There have been 174 cases in Kenton County, 59 cases in Campbell County, 88 cases in Boone County and 15 cases in Grant County. This includes one new COVID-19 related death.

The individual was a Kenton County resident in their 90s.

Updates on new numbers:

> NEW CASES: 196, which still suggests that we've likely plateaued (Total number in Ky: 3,373)

- Over 36,075 tests completed to date in Kentucky
- Total patients who have been hospitalized 1,076
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 301
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 558
- Still Currently in ICU: 161
- Recovered Patients: 1,311

>DEATHS: 14 (Total Death Toll: 185)

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