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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Newport's 'Costume Gallery' Receives Recognition from Gov. Beshear

Costume Gallery receives special recognition for sending UK-themed masks to Gov. Beshear.
(Img: Costume Gallery

By Jessie Eden

The 'Costume Gallery', located at 638 Monmouth Street, has changed up its daily routine and they've been making masks instead.

Joy and Elizabeth Galbraith have been making masks throughout quarantine. "We have made a little over 1,200 masks.  We have donated to Security patrols, EMTs, Volunteer Fire station, Men's homeless Shelter, Cancer Patients, Family and Friends," said Costume Gallery Owner and Creative Director Joy Galbraith, "We also sell them for a nominal charge."

Joy is sheltering-in-place with their mother in Florida while Elizabeth, the Production Manager, runs things from Newport. "We pivoted our business in order to "Keep the sewing machines running". We coordinate the mask making and the running of our business, long distance. My mom and I have made most of the masks in Florida and we ship them out."

As the pandemic has continued, they decided to send some masks to Governor Andy Beshear made out of UK fabric...and in return, they received a letter from the Governor. "I had a small piece of UK camouflage fabric left, just enough to make 2 masks. I sent them to Gov. Beshear, as a Thank You for his leadership during this pandemic crisis, not really expecting a personal reply or even thinking it would get to him."

But, they did!

"The letter was a surprise, but what really touched all of us at Costume Gallery-Newport was the personal message and the tone of the letter," said Joy. "In the middle of such a crisis and all the plans that had to be put into place, the letter was sent to us for 2 small masks. We so appreciate the thought and time that went into the letter. Taking the time to respond, really shows the true character of the man that is our Governor. We listen to Gov. Beshear every day and do what he asks."

In the letter, Gov. Beshear stated 'I am so grateful that you thought of me and my safety and are helping to keep others safe as you spend your time making these masks."

To learn more about the Costume Gallery, visit their facebook page.

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