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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Two Highlands Students Killed, Two Others Injured in Overnight Car Wreck

Fort Thomas Mourns the Loss of Two Students Killed, Two Others Injured in Overnight Car Accident

The following is a press release from Highlands High School:

We are devastated to pass along the news that two Highlands High School students died in a car accident shortly after 1am on April 28, 2020 in Northern Kentucky. A third Highlands High School student was also injured, and a fourth passenger in the car also suffered injuries in the overnight crash.

The Fort Thomas Independent Schools extends its deepest condolences to the families of Austin Davis and David Luckett. Davis, a junior at Highlands and Luckett, a freshman, lost their lives in the crash on Route 8 in Mentor, Kentucky.

“I am absolutely heartbroken this morning and I know that our school community is as well,” said Dr. Karen Cheser, Superintendent of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools. “To lose young men with their whole lives ahead of them is just a horrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with their friends and families, and also with the two people still in the hospital and their loved ones.”

David Luckett, Freshman at Highlands High School.
Emergency personnel airlifted two surviving passengers to the hospital. One is currently a student at Highlands High School and is expected to recover. The second used to be a student in the school district and currently lives in Fort Thomas.

“Learning that we have lost students in our Highlands High School family is just devastating,” said Matthew Bertasso, the principal at Highlands High School. “I will miss seeing Austin and David at school and in our community. And I certainly hope that the two people in the hospital can recover fully.”
David Luckett, Freshman at Highlands High School.


Additional Information:

Austin Davis' family was recently impacted by a house fire that destroyed their home on Woodside Place.

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