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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

With the Help of Coffman's Realty, Historic NKY Homes Find New Life, Owners

By Jessie Eden

It is no secret that Northern Kentucky has some of the most beautiful, historic homes in the area. From grand Victorian Mansions to charming Row Houses to character-filled Craftsmans and Bungalows, the area is filled with historic architectural details just waiting to be restored and celebrated once more.

The trend of rehabbing and restoring old homes is alive and well in the area and Coffman's Realty has recently listed several homes that have been restored to their former glory.

When a gorgeous home on Clay Street in Dayton came onto the market, John Jr. knew exactly who to reach out to -- local real estate investor/property owner Frank Davidson. Frank trusted that he was in good hands with Coffman's Realty"I've listed two homes so far with John Coffman Jr. so far. He gave me a call and said 'I might have a deal for you' so my wife and I looked at it," said Frank. "We were happy with it and John was very forthcoming. John is great work to with on investments. He's got a wealth of knowledge and experience, he's refreshing to work when he gave me a call, I didn't even hesitate. I knew I should look at it." 

After Frank rehabbed the home on Clay Street, it sold in just 24 hours.

The Clay Street house was actually the second home that Frank has listed with Coffman's Realty. He went on to explain why he loves restoring old homes."Sometimes investors get a bad wrap and lose sight of what they're trying to do," said Frank. "We are trying to make a profit...but I personally try to leave something in better condition than when we found it so that they're proud of it. I work hard to take old homes and make them beautiful again. There is a lot of reward in that. For all my properties, I try to make them look nice so people will be happy when they get home...and I like to think people like the result."

Although the Clay Street home is off the market now...there is another rehabbed beauty hitting the market in Covington -- 1806 Greenup Street.

This home, restored by Shannon Sexton, was another skilled find by John Coffman Jr. Shannon has worked with John Jr. for ten years. " He has helped me acquire multiple properties over that time period and he brought 1806 Greenup to my attention," said Shannon.

Throughout their many years of working together, Shannon says John Jr. has always been mindful of what kind of projects would be a good fit for him. "Working with John Jr. means working with a trusted friend. John knows my family situation and he protects both my time and my money on every considered transaction. John Jr. is very diligent in keeping me informed about what is available on the market. His expert guidance and experience is invaluable."

The home, built in the 1910s, is located at 1806 Greenup and it was definitely a good fit for Shannon. He is a person that appreciates superior craftsmanship. "The preserved architecture and craftsmanship of this home presented a unique opportunity to restore versus renovate. I bought from a multi-generational owner who’s father preserved the original woodwork perfectly. It is a beautifully constructed home. "

Shannon's favorite feature? The amazing woodwork. "My favorite feature is the original custom woodwork that has been preserved throughout the home."

The breathtaking home is located near E. 18th Street in Covington, close to Wallace Woods. The four bedroom, solid brick home has been lovingly restored and boasts a large entry way....

It is also filled with a LOT of character; wooden columns, hardwood floors, several mantels...

...pocket doors, wooden built-in cabinetry...

...stained glass/leaded glass windows and wooden beams across the ceilings.

The bathroom and kitchen have been updated and there is a large room on the third floor. In addition, there is a quaint front porch and a nice, flat backyard.

If you're interested in touring this property in Covington, please contact Coffman's Realty at 859-441-8090 or email:

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