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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Beshear Announces Dates Allowing Small Gatherings, Expiration of Travel Ban

By Jessie Eden

In an update on the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear stated that there are 199 new cases in Kentucky. Many test results came back today. Some of the new cases are children but there were not as many as Wednesday.

 New cases were in the following counties in NKY;

- 1 in Campbell Co.
- 7 in Kenton Co.
- 21 in Boone Co. (There was a 7 year old and a 17 year old from Boone Co.)

Additionally, there were two deaths announced out of Grayson County. There were no deaths in NKY.


Governor Beshear has moved up the date where gatherings of 10 people or less to May 22. Gov. Beshear stated that the full guidance for this is up on the website. "If you're going to have people over, follow it and do it. It will help protect you. Plan ahead, be smart, know that this is out there and do the best you can following these rules. I see very positive reports, especially in the data about the general public, people are good about following the rules and people are doing it right. I'll be talking about it everyday up until then and hoping that people can do it right."

- Hold the gathering outside whenever possible
- Remain 6 ft apart from people who are not a part of your household
- Do not share food, drinks, containers, plates. Don't do a buffet or potluck.
- Wash hands frequently
- If you're closer than 6 ft, wear a mask.
- If you're in the high risk category with pre-existing conditions, don't do this.
- Keep your kids socially distanced from other kids at the gathering.


Gov. Beshear announced that the travel ban will expire on May 22. He also warned that people still need to be very careful about where they travel to.


There is currently three million in the Team Kentucky Fund designed to help those who have lost their jobs during Covid-19.


Per Gov. Beshear, unemployment payments have been processed on 88% of claims to date.


Governor Beshear also addressed the 'Healthy at Work' initiative and mentioned that some work places are not following mask protocols and there have even been reports of people being ridiculed for wearing masks. “We are not smarter than all the health experts…if you want to have a safe work force, lets follow these rules and do what it takes. Let’s do this right," said Gov. Beshear. "If you’re in a workplace making fun of somebody wearing a mask, you’re not being a very good neighbor”

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