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Monday, May 4, 2020

Coney Island Extends Year Pass to 2021, Season Opening Delayed Due to Covid-19

Coney Island is delaying opening due to Covid-19 guidelines. 
(Img: Sunlite Pool, Coney Island Facebook Page)

By Jessie Eden

We have bad news and good news. The bad news is it may be while before you can return to Coney Island...but the good news is that the park just extending memberships through 2021 which means more fun in the sun once the park can open again.

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Coney Island announced Monday morning that the park will not be able to open May 22 as initially intended and the opening date will likely be later in the summer. Coney Island stated in a Facebook post that it all depends on reopening guidelines issued by the state of Ohio. "As new “reopening” guidelines are issued by the State, we will continue to adjust our 2020 operating calendar. We will provide updates and additional details regarding the upcoming season as more information becomes available."

But - the one silver lining is that Coney Island is now offering an extension for 2020 pass holders. They will automatically get an extension on their passes through the 2021 season, at no extra charge.

To view the original statement released by Coney Island on Facebook, check it out below or click here.

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