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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Five Northern Kentucky deaths due to Covid-19; 191 new cases statewide

Today at his daily press conference, Governor Andy Beshear reported that a 16-year old is suffering from complications and in the hospital due to Covid-19, is in a regular bed but was admitted out of an abundance of caution.

Yesterday he announced that a 10-year-old boy in Kentucky was on a ventilator. Beshear said that that 10-year old is doing better but still fighting.

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He and Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Steven Stack are describing the syndrome as a "pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome," as was first seen in New York.

"Early reports suggest that warm weather may not help diminish this," said Dr. Stack. "Summer might not help. We will have to wait and see."

"Every step we're taking is also aimed at trying to have kids across Kentucky back in class in the fall," said Gov. Beshear. "That's what we're working toward. This doesn't just apply to people in their 70s and 80s."

Over the last week, Beshear noted a number of positive cases are in young people below the age of 10.

Beshear said he’s concerned that people may start to feel a false sense of security as restrictions ease, but noted the importance of reopening the economy safely.

"Our health and our economy have to be our two major priorities," said Gov. Beshear.

TUESDAY 5/12/20 - SUMMARY UPDATE from Governor Andy Beshear:

> NEW CASES: 191, 105 on Monday (4 deaths); (Total number in Ky: 6,853).

Each Tuesday numbers have typically been higher because more tests come in after the weekend.

NKY numbers:
- 2 in Campbell Co.
- 8 in Kenton Co.
- 6 in Boone Co.

5 NKY deaths: 74/F Boone, 89/F Kenton, 91/F Kenton, 91/F Kenton, 85/F Kenton.

- Over 110,609 tests completed to date in Kentucky.
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 1,825.
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 379
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 783.
- Still Currently in ICU: 215, 220 yesterday.
- Recovered Patients: 2,546.

>DEATHS: 10, 7 yesterday.  
Total Death Toll: 321.

Notes on reopening schedule:

- On public pools: "This isn't going to be just a choir, this could be kids in a pool, too. I can't stand up here and tell you something's safe just because you want it to be or just because I want it to be."

Beshear noted a CDC study on a "super-spreading event" involving COVID-19 where 87% of the choir contracted the disease after a choir practice.

- Guidance for businesses opening through May 20 available here:

- May 11: Manufacturing & Distribution, Construction, Vehicle or Boat Dealership, Office-based businesses (50%), Horse-racing (no fans), pet grooming/boarding, photography.
- May 20: retail, house of worship.
- May 22: restaurants (33% occupancy, outside dining).
- May 25: 10 person social gatherings, barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services.
- June 1: movie theaters and fitness centers
- June 11: campgrounds, public & private
- June 15: (goal) childcare, youth sports (low contact, outside)
- July 1: (goal) bars/group gatherings of 50

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