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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Gov. Andy Beshear speaks to being hanged in effigy during protest at Governor's Mansion

As many celebrated the Memorial Day weekend, a group protesting at the Governor's mansion in Frankfort on Sunday, hung Governor Andy Beshear in effigy during a rally.

Today from the Kentucky Supreme Court Chamber, Gov. Beshear addressed that group directly from the which he referred to as the "3 percenters."

"Most everybody was trying to do the right thing this Memorial Day weekend. Then we had what happened on the capitol grounds. One thing I never thought about and never questioned was the personal safety of my children.Just a window-pane away from where my kids play, the mob chanted and heckled. Thankfully, my kids weren't there that day. But I want to remind you they are nine and 10 years old," said Gov. Beshear.

"Let's start by calling it what it is: Actions aimed at creating fear and terror. Hanging the effigy was an action intended to use fear to get their way. These actions were embraced and emboldened by elected leaders who rallied with them weeks before. What did you think was going to happen? You cannot fan the flames and then condemn the fire."

Governor Beshear did not call out any elected officials by name.

"I will not be afraid. I will not be bullied. I will not back down. Not to them and not to anybody else. I have to led Kentucky through a hundred-year outbreak and I know people out there are with me. I owe it to the people of Kentucky not to bow to terror but to continue to do what is right for their families and for mine."

Beshear said additional security protocols may have to be put into place. He said it was a difficult decision to move to the governor's mansion after he was elected, which was the first family to live in the governor's mansion in 30 years.

"We're not going to move," he said. "I'm not going to let a bunch of jerks change the way we live our lives."

Beshear reported numbers from the last three days, noting that are are likely in a period of plateau or possibly decline but warned that it's still too early to get overly confident about reopening.

Dr. Steven Stack, Commissioner for Public Health showed a viral video clip of a large crowd at The Paddock in Lexington this weekend.

"I don't know what it will take for us to learn that this is not a game. This is serious," said Dr. Stack. "The evidence is absolutely overwhelmingly clear: a small number of events, with one or two infected folks spreads this thing like wildfire."

TUESDAY 5/26/20 - SUMMARY UPDATE from Governor Andy Beshear:

The last three days of case information. 

> NEW CASES: 387 (141 on 5-24; 122 on 5-25; 117 on 5-26). (Total number in Ky: 8,951). 

NKY numbers:
- 5 in Boone Co. 
- 10 in Kenton Co. 
- 2 in Campbell Co.
- 3 in Grant Co. 

- Over 193,576 tests completed to date in Kentucky.
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 2,136.
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 489.
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 897.
- Still Currently in ICU: 78.
- Recovered Patients: 3,115. 

Total Death Toll: 394.   

Notes on reopening schedule:

- May 11: Manufacturing & Distribution, Construction, Vehicle or Boat Dealership, Office-based businesses (50%), Horse-racing (no fans), pet grooming/boarding, photography. 
- May 20: retail, house of worship. 
- May 22: restaurants (33% occupancy, outside dining), 10 person social gatherings
- May 25: barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services. 
- June 1: movie theaters, fitness centers, aquatic centers, auctions
- June 8: Some childcare, museums, outdoor attractions, aquariums, libraries, distilleries, horse shows
- June 11: campgrounds, public & private
- June 15: the rest of childcare, youth sports (low contact, outside)
- June 28: groups of 50 or less and bars

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