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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Highest single day increase of positive Covid-19 cases, 6 Northern Kentucky deaths reported

Governor Andy Beshear reported the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases today in Northern Kentucky, albeit with a caveat that a large majority of those cases have come from the Green River Correctional Facility and some testing results were backloaded, calling today's numbers "artificially high."

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Beshear reported 625 new positive cases of Covid-19, 309 of those are from Green River Correctional Facility. There were 163 positive tests recorded yesterday.

Previously the high for positive single day cases was 322 cases on April 24. Removing all of the GRCC positive tests would still make the 316 positive cases the second highest single day positive cases to date.

(GRCF) is a 982-bed medium/minimum security adult male correctional facility located in Central City, Kentucky that has been hit hard by the virus and is included in Gov. Beshear's daily update.

Even with the spike in numbers, Gov. Beshear said he believes that Kentucky is still in a plateau period.

"We're still pretty stable but it's still a dangerous world out there right now," said Gov. Beshear. "It's a lot of positive (cases), but we are going to see more positives, especially as we test more in long-term care facilities."

Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown on Green River says that 1,081 total tested at that facility.

"We almost have a complete snapshot of the situation at Green River which helps them know how to address it," said Sec. Brown.  He indicated that temperature checks and a housing plan will most certainly be part of that plan.

Four individuals (two inmates and two staff) are in the hospital and two are in the ICU.

Dr. Steven Stack says the state overall remains at a plateau but focus testing in confined populations is finding what other states are also finding in those places: much higher rates of positive tests.

"The overall numbers have been good  but when we say we have to keep up a number of these initiatives, we have to do these social distancing steps because we are seeing the disease is very active. It has not disappeared," said Dr. Stack. 

In Northern Kentucky, the numbers also went up considerably, which included 54 positive cases spread over Campbell, Kenton, Boone and Grant Counties and six total deaths. 

TUESDAY 5/5/20 - UPDATE from Governor Beshear:

The highest number of positive cases reported today.

NEW CASES: 625 new cases, 309 of those are from Green River Correctional Facility. 1000+ were tested between inmates, staff, etc. 163 yesterday (Total number in Ky: 5,822)

- 6 in Campbell Co.
- 27 in Kenton Co.
- 20 in Boone Co.
- 1 in Grant Co.

6 new deaths in NKY: 
- Kenton (96/F, 94/M, 88/F, 86/F).
- Boone (89/F Boone, 79/M).

- Over 61,013 tests completed to date in Kentucky
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 1,603
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 347
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 685
- Still Currently in ICU: 189, 174 yesterday
- Recovered Patients: 2,058

>DEATHS: 14 (Total Death Toll: 275).

A 35-year old from Jefferson County died, which was the youngest Kentuckian to die of the virus. Gov. Beshear was asked about any underlying health conditions of that individual, but he did not have direct information on that during the press conference.


- Hope to have Phase II reopening plan this week, which will likely be in June.

"I would rather be remembered as someone who was measured and made decisions he believed would protect his people instead of someone who gambled and might've gone too big, too fast with risky reopening plans," said Gov. Beshear.

- Specific guidance for businesses able to safely open on Monday has been posted to

May 11: Manufacturing & Distribution, Construction, Vehicle or Boat Dealership, Office-based businesses (50%), Horse-racing (no fans), pet grooming/boarding, photography.

May 20: retail, house of worship.

May 25: 10 person social gatherings, barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services.

- Businesses having trouble finding the supplies they need to reopen:

To purchase masks:

To purchase hand sanitizer:

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