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Monday, May 11, 2020

Newport Firefighters Help to Save Toddler, Family Returns to Thank Them

The family poses with the Newport firefighters who helped to save their little girl.
(Img: Newport Professional Firefighters Local 45 IAFF)

By Jessie Eden

Newport firefighters received some special recognition last week for helping to save a toddler during a medical emergency.

At the end of April, Newport Firefighters responded to a call for a 1-year-old child that was choking. Firefighters could not remove the item from the child's throat so they transported her to Cincinnati Children's...but, while transporting the child, she stopped breathing. 

The firefighters snapped into action to help the little girl breath for the rest of the drive to the hospital. Once they arrived, the child was admitted and after 8 days in the hospital, the little girl was back to her old self and able to go home.

In a Facebook post from last Friday, Newport Fire Department shared that the family and the little girl visited the firefighters to say thank you. The post also stated, "The thanks are appreciated...but seeing this little girl healthy is what is important. Your Newport Firefighters are on the frontlines, protecting and serving our community."

Check out the full Facebook post below.

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