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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Newport Levee Owners Get Creative with Bridgeview Box Park

Bridgeview Box Park at Newport on the Levee offers outdoor food, retail, entertainment and relaxation using a design that includes shipping-like boxes to house businesses.

By Robin Gee

Taking "thinking outside the box" to a whole new level, North American Properties, owner of Newport on the Levee, has announced a new outdoor restaurant, retail and entertainment space to be located in the plaza next to the Newport Aquarium and encompassing space from the now demolished Mitchell’s Fish Market.

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Bridgeview Box Park will include four shipping-like containers, an octagon-shaped structure and a food truck that will house six restaurants and retail businesses as well as seating areas and a programmable entertainment space.

Work is beginning on the project with five businesses already on board to move into the spaces once it is complete. These include:

  • Kon-Tiki on the Levee, a tiki bar serving exotic tiki drinks
  • The View at Shires’ Garden, a food truck version of the restaurant located at City Club Apartments in the Cincinnati Business District featuring picnic-style grilled and smoked meats, sandwiches, sides and empanadas
  • The Little Spoon Bakery and CafĂ©, a bakery specializing in custom sugar cookies and baked goods that will also serve Carabello coffee drinks
  • Bon Mi Street, an Asian street food eatery with a spin on the traditional banh mi sandwich and milk tea
  • Leaf & Limb, a boutique featuring a wide variety of indoor plants and curated decor 

Flexibility in design offers adaptability in service

Slated, if all goes well, to open later this summer, the space is part of an overall response plan by the company to reconfigure some spaces and plan others that will accommodate changes in how business is conducted under varying health and safety guidelines and into the future.

The company has its own 14-person COVID-19 response team that is helping to redesign spaces and services throughout the Levee in accordance with federal and state guidelines. The box design allows for flexibility as the company determines whether it becomes a permanent feature of the Levee or a temporary home for businesses who look to move into the redeveloped Gallery Building at a later date.

The space takes full advantage of the river views and will include a large art mural to highlight the park. The space also will be designated an Entertainment District, allowing visitors to carry adult beverages within the park space. 

Staying nimble for the present and the future

"While we are staying nimble and making adjustments to safely serve our community under these new circumstances, our vision of transforming Newport on the Levee into an energized destination is moving forward as planned," said Tim Perry, managing partner at NAP.

"The rules around public gatherings have certainly changed, but we believe the act of being together and communing is an important human experience that we are craving now more than ever. Bridgeview Box Park is uniquely positioned to be that casual gathering place where you come with friends and responsibly enjoy the community in which you live."

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