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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

PHOTOS: Highlands High School Graduation

Dr. Karen Cheser, Superintendent of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools, congratulates her son, Wyatt, on graduation. The District followed strict social distancing guidelines to do the in-person graduation, so the hug was a rare scene on the stage that day. 

On Friday, May 23, Highlands High School 2020 Graduates received a very special -- and unique -- recognition in place of a traditional graduation experience.

The school filmed graduates having their names read aloud and walking across a stage to receive their diplomas. Groups of 30-40 seniors were given specific times to come to the Launch building on Grand Avenue. Each car was assigned a parking space and further instructions were provided via FM broadcasting.

Then, the senior and two support individuals (parents, grandparents, relatives or friends) were given a time to leave their car and walk to the stage. A viewing area was set up in front of the stage for the senior's two guests.

The nice thing about the experience? The student's supporters got a front row seat  to take photos and cheer on their grads.

Prior to the event, Principal Matthew Bertasso acknowledged that the experience isn't what anyone thought it would be...but that 2020 seniors deserved recognition.

"We recognize this is not the graduation you might have thought of four years ago as you entered high school. It’s not the graduation that you thought was going to happen in January. This will be a great opportunity for us to get together to create a graduation that will be unique from all other graduations that have taken place at Highlands High School."

The full experience was filmed and will be aired at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 27 as a part of the official Graduation Ceremony Broadcast. It will air on the HHS YouTube channel here.

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