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Monday, May 18, 2020

Retail/restaurants reopening this week, 10-person social gatherings on Friday

More businesses are beginning to reopen this week, as retail and restaurants are set to reopen with added restrictions. Additionally, Governor Andy Beshear said that social gatherings can begin starting on Friday.

"Take (reopening guidelines) seriously. We want to restart our economy, but if we don't do it right then we cause the spike and we harm our economy, not the virus," said Gov. Beshear.

Gov. Beshear also said that malls may reopen May 20 "if and only if" they can meet the retail requirements - will be treated the same as other businesses including occupancy requirements, cleaning requirements and anything in food court must meet restaurant requirements.

Contact tracing was detailed and identified as critical to fighting the disease. There will be an expanded seven-month contact tracing program, where about 700 people will be hired to help execute this and will be funded through the CARES Act, to meet federal and state benchmarks for reopening.

"Information provided is confidential," said Dr. Steven Stack. "This is the way we get back to normal. None of this will work without your partnership."

"This only works if the citizens of Kentucky realize it is our obligation to protect one another," Gov. Beshear added. "We need you to answer the call. It is the only way we do this safely."

More information on contact tracing:

MONDAY 5/18/20 - SUMMARY UPDATE from Governor Andy Beshear:

> NEW CASES: 122 (Sunday), 138 (Monday); (Total number in Ky: 7,935).

NKY numbers (Sunday):
- 2 in Campbell Co.
- 10 in Kenton Co.
- 12 in Boone Co.

NKY numbers (Monday):
- 26 in Boone Co. (today's highest positive cases by county)
- 18 in Kenton Co.
- 1 in Campbell Co.
- 3 in Grant Co.

- Over 145,238 teststests completed to date in Kentucky.
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 1,980.
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 447.
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 866.
- Still Currently in ICU: 277, 218 on Friday.
- Recovered Patients: 2,785.

>DEATHS: 3 (Sunday), 9 (Monday).
Total Death Toll: 344.

Of all positive Covid-19 cases, 1,004 have been residents of long-term care facilities and 423 staff of those facilities. Of the 344 total deaths related to Covid-19, 200 have occurred of these facilities.

Notes on reopening schedule:

- May 11: Manufacturing & Distribution, Construction, Vehicle or Boat Dealership, Office-based businesses (50%), Horse-racing (no fans), pet grooming/boarding, photography.
- May 20: retail, house of worship, malls if they can meet requirements; food courts must meet restaurant requirements.
- May 22: restaurants (33% occupancy, outside dining), 10 person social gatherings
- May 25: barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services.
- June 1: movie theaters, fitness centers, aquatic centers
- June 11: campgrounds, public & private
- June 15: (goal) childcare, youth sports (low contact, outside)
- July 1: (goal) bars/group gatherings of 50

Retail and restaurants are able to reopen & gatherings of 10 or fewer people allowed.

Guidance for 10-person gatherings.

Kentucky's voter registration deadline is May 26. Check/update your registration here:

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