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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thank you to our Fort Thomas Matters readers!

Thank you readers and supporters! 

This has not been an easy time on small business and Fort Thomas Matters is not exempt.

We monetize solely on advertising and provide all of our content to you, for free.

So as this pandemic hit in March with reckless abandon, we had to get creative. We took a huge risk and offered all of our advertising partners 50% off their normal rates for an entire year.


We have been conservative in our business approach, so we were able to take this risk, knowing that it was going to be up to our readers to support us and make up that gap left by our businesses taking us up on our offer.

The support has been incredible.

Seriously, seeing these donations flowing in was inspiring and we cannot thank you enough.

We've had many continue to ask if we need help and so we thought it would be a good opportunity to put an end-date on our reader-support campaign.

We are hoping business will begin to normalize starting July 1. Until then we'll keep this donation portal open. 

We are using those funds to continue to pay our staff without interruption and provide local content for free, without subscription, pop-ups, quizzes or video. Your direct support is helping a local business continue to help other local businesses.

If you're on your desktop, scan this QR code or open your camera app for an additional way to donate. 
Thank you to all of the donors!

Chris & Vera Schneider,
Greta Kircher,
Cathy & Peter Owsley,
Jennifer & Casey Jones,
Matt & Traci Nestheide,
Sally & Kenny Race,
The Midway Cafe,
Gary & Kathy Oetjen,
Elizabeth Allegrini,
Carla Landon,
Lori & David Valentine,
Joan Schwartz,
Charlie & Sarah Foster,
Angel & Marty Beets,
Brenda Spade,
Sharon & Jeff DeRossette,
Laurel Fitzgerald,
John & Violet Schneider,
Karen Herdina,
Philip Williamson,
Maggie Mason,
Virginia Jump,
Berz & Louise Wagner,
Krista Baioni,
Shannon Burket,
Mary Claire Brass,
Eric Arnold,
Patti Hudepohl,
Kathryn Lyons,
Diane Kissel,
Curt and Mary Jo Wickelhaus,
Lori Owen,
Sharon MacKnight,
Elizabeth Bingle,
Michelle McCluskey,
Holly Hirt,
Keith and Leah Carlson,
Yogi & Cissy Blevins,
Bob & Sally Walters,
Katie Walters,
Adam Trice,
Kelly Perry,
Beth Laber,
Kim Baker,
Lee & Carol Weinel,
Peg Schultz,
Mandy Haigis,
Tanya Schweitzer,
Sara Collier,
FT Funding PLC,
Sally & Mike Muehlenkamp,
Chris and CJ Lecky,
Amy Randall,
Derek and Sarah Faught,
Steve & Stephanie Rottman,
Dustin & Jenna Class,
Katherine Scheidt,
Katie Wallingford,
Sherry & Bob Greene,
Mary Kuhnhein,
Erin Skop,
Dianne Yelton,
Susan Meyer,
Julie Herweh,
Joe Hren,
Matt & Kristi Richard,
Nancy Meyers,
Lyn Caruso,
Sarah Stauss & Michael Delaney,
Dr. Stephen and Lanita Boyd,
Jaimie Niemczura,
Cindy & Jim Foster,
William Cornelius,
Greg & Paula Hug,
Michelle Tinkler,
Rob & Christina Kuhnhein,
Brian Alessandro,
Susan Tarvin,
Heather Yeager,
Cliff Kersker,
Barbara & Chuck Thomas,
Andrew Jameson,
Adam Blau,
Jeff Klare,
Ralph Burnham,
Kirsten Bausch,
Catherine Ampfer,
Brian Schwalbach,
Alyssa Brossart,
Bev Harber,
Michelle Eviston,
Megan Price,
Jon Willis,
Kara & Andy Uhl,
Ridgewood Ventures LLC,
Kevin and Jessica Duke,
Jonathan & Michelle Klingenberg,
Tim & EB Feldbruegge,
Sheila & Kevin Haas,
Ryan Eten,
Jeff Nefouse,
Jamie & Bill Hochleutner,
Stacie Easter,
Jeff & Beth Hudepohl,
Lindsay Messina,
David Cameron,
Jeremy Shannon,
Jenny Imbus,
Aaron Hunter,
David Newman,
Carrie Hemsath,
Amy Goshorn,
Ashley Winburn,
Adam Rosenhagen,
Sara Valentine,
Chris Tomlin,
Suzanne Lorenz,
Diane Beach,
Bridget Ruschman,
Amy Hills,
Nancy Baker,
Tony & Becky Manyet,
Samantha Reilly,
Laura Meier,
Nikki Duckworth,
Shelby Jones,
Cathy Sonnett,
Chris Calhoun,
Jean Simms,
Su Schweitzer,
Lara Guttadauro,
Jeanie Greenwell,
Karen & Brent Reed,
J. Daniel Long,
Vickey Fennell,
Ryan & Kasie Kennedy,
Nancy & Bernie Barre,
Margie & Greg Hegge,
John & Debbie Eberhart,
Nate & Lori Hausrath,
Beth Lutz
Dawn & Mike Hils
Bryan Napier
Jana Albritton
Khrys & John Crawford
Michelle Caldwell
Adam Runyan
Rachel Gold & Matt Ewald
Diane Turner,
Brent Niese
Tim & Becky Schneider
Deborah Wiswell

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