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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Beshear Announces Dates for Visitation at Longterm Care Facilities, Adult Day Care, Status of Schools Reopening

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear gave a short update on Covid-19 cases in his Thursday press conference. He stated that due to a problem with the federal system used to track cases, the case numbers are artificially low for Thursday.

A full press release with accurate numbers for Thursday and Friday will be released Friday. There is no press conference on Friday, June 12.

Barre3 Ft. Thomas, Located at 90 Alexandria Pike

Covid-19 Summary

NEW CASES: 69 (Total cases in Ky: 11,945)

- 2 from Kenton
- 3 from Boone
- 3 from Campbell

DEATHS: 9 (Total Deaths due to Covid-19: 493)

- 3 individuals from the same longterm care facility in Boone County
(Age/Gender: 85-year-old male, 80-year-old male, 74-year-old male)

- 2 individuals from Kenton County
(Ages/Genders: 81-year-old male, 63-year-old female)

- Total Tests Completed in KY: 308,786
- Ever Hospitalized: 2,406
- Hospitalized currently: 514
- Ever in ICU: 967
- In ICU currently: 81
- Recovered Covid-19 Patients: 3,379
Governor Beshear also addressed a question about cases spiking in over 21 states and if he believed that Kentucky was spiking again. Gov. Beshear said that although we were out of the 'decline' period and had crept back up, he still believes that we are at a plateau. The increase in cases is largely due to more people out doing things. "The number of cases, while important, isn’t the number that matters the most to us -- it’s the hospitalization and positivity rates. We are certainly seeing all over the country more cases and we’re going to have more cases if we do more things."

School Reopening Update

Gov. Beshear gave an update on when there will be a possible plan for getting children back to school in the Fall. He announced that Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman will present an update on Monday, June 15 from the task force that is working on school reopening plans. Gov. Beshear stated that the task force has been in active communications with all of the superintendents in Kentucky and that the task force will put out a plan that addresses the best recommendations for reopening. 

It will then be up to the superintendents to decide what works for their districts.

Longterm Care Facility Visits/Changes

Gov. Beshear also announced that modified visitation for longterm care facilities will be able to start on July 19. There will also be modified group and dining activities available to longterm care residents starting on June 29.

Stop searching, start finding.

Adult Day Care

In addition, he also stated that Adult Day Care can begin again on June 29 and guidance on that is being drafted now. It will be available soon.

Horse Racing

When asked about the Kentucky Derby, Gov. Beshear stated that he had not received a proposal yet but that Churchill Downs

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