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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Beshear Gives Covid-19 Update, Encourages Voters To Get Absentee Ballots, Fill Out Census

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear announced Wednesday afternoon at his daily Covid-19 press conference that there is only one county in Kentucky that has not reported any cases of the virus.

That county is Robertson County. Gov. Beshear also stated that several counties in Kentucky have a high number of cases (shown below in dark red).

That being said, Gov. Beshear says that Kentucky cases are still going down and there is notable decline in cases as each day goes by...but those numbers will be carefully monitored. “What we’ll be looking for now is if we are going to go up and down, more asymptomatic cases, we’re going to look at this and other numbers every day. We believe it is controlled. We’d like to see zero…but 191 doesn’t rise to the high concern level.”

Daily Covid-19 Update

NEW CASES: 191 (Total cases in Ky: 11,883)
- 1 from Kenton
- 5 from Boone
- 1 from Campbell


- No deaths occurred in NKY 


- Total Tests Completed in KY: 302,347
- Ever Hospitalized: 2,396
- Hospitalized currently: 508
- Ever in ICU: 966
- In ICU currently: 68
- Recovered Covid-19 Patients: 3,375

Absentee Ballot and Census Reminder

Gov. Beshear also reminded viewers to request an absentee ballot by June 15 for the June 23 Primary. “We need more people voting. I don’t care who you party is or who you plan on voting for – just make that voice heard. This is your say in helping to elect the leaders today and the leaders we will see tomorrow.” 

(Please note that voter registration was required by May 26)

Governor Beshear also said Kentuckians should fill out their Census to help rebuild communities after the pandemic. 

You can fill out your census here.

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