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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Coney Island Opens Friday - Here's What You Need To Know About Going

Coney Island will have new safety guidelines when it reopens on Friday.

By Jessie Eden

Coney Island will officially open this Friday, June 12...but the experience will be a bit different due to Covid-19. We have outlined the safety guidelines and admission requirements that will be needed in order for you to enjoy the park and cool off this summer.

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Health & Safety Guidelines

There are several new health and safety guidelines at the park which apply to several areas throughout the park.

Before entering the park, people who have cold or flu-like symptoms including but not limited to a fever, persistent cough, and/or a shortness of breath will not be permitted into the park. In addition, those who have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days will not be permitted into the park.

In the aquatic areas, guests are required to follow these rules;

- While in the water, guests may only congregate with members of their own household. All guests should maintain social distancing best practices in the water whenever possible.

- Face coverings may not be worn in the water as they can become a choking hazard if saturated with water.

- Guests must maintain social distancing and follow queue markings when in line for aquatic attractions (water slides, diving boards, etc.).

There are several other safety guidelines for many other areas in the park. Make sure you know what to expect when you go;

Limited Attendance / Making a Daily Reservation

Coney Island will be following social distancing practices and limiting its daily attendance. 

As a result, all guests are required to make an advance reservation in the form of a daily ticket or season pass reservation. Season passholders may make reservations via a new system that will be launching soon and they will be notified by email when this is available.

To reserve a daily ticket, click here.

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