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Monday, June 1, 2020

Fort Thomas Resident Tammy Weidinger to Retire from Brighton Center, Next President and CEO Announced

Tammy Weidinger announces retirement as Brighton Center President and CEO.
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Fort Thomas resident Tammy Weidinger announced Monday evening that she will retire after 39 years with Brighton Center. Ten of those years were spent as the President and CEO. In addition, it has been announced that Wonda Winkler will be the next President and CEO of the organization, effective February 1, 2021.

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Wonda has a Bachelor’s from Thomas More University and an MBA from Northern Kentucky University with over 28 years of non-profit experience. She is actively involved in the community helping to shape and influence policy and systemic change, and currently serves on the following: Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (Executive Committee) and the Women’s Initiative Steering Committee; Growing Regional Outcomes through Workforce (GROW) NKY Steering Committee; National Skills Coalition Racial Equity National Advisory Panel; United Way Public Policy Cabinet; Northern Kentucky Partners for Health; and Northern Kentucky University Graduate Education Advisory Board.

Weidinger also shared her thoughts on her long career at the Brighton Center. “I started my career in social work here at Brighton Center back in 1981 and have enjoyed work that is meaningful and impactful.” states Weidinger. “Brighton Center has been such a significant part of my life and brought many joys and challenges along the way. I am so proud of the continuum of services we provide to the community and the strong, caring relationships we build with customers every day. It has truly been an honor to create programs, work with community partners, and see our customers fulfill their goals in life. There is no question this has been a difficult year with COVID-19 and we still have some hurdles to push past, but we have done it before and we will do it again; together. I love that about our work- we can be counted on to help the community in all situations and we do it with compassion and by providing hope.”

Tammy's statement continued -- "With this in mind, knowing the strength of our team and commitment of our supporters, I want to share with you my plans for the future. After close to four decades at Brighton Center, I will be retiring as President and CEO on January 31, 2021. I still feel like the 22 year old who walked into Brighton Center with big dreams and the energy to tackle the world! I can look back now and say with certainty, my career at Brighton Center has changed me for the better,” said Weidinger. “We have had a succession plan in place for many years and I feel that now is the appropriate time to pass the torch for the next phase of Brighton Center’s future. I am very proud to announce that Wonda Winkler, our current Executive Vice President, will be Brighton Center’s President and CEO. Wonda has my full and enthusiastic support. We will have a smooth transition, which will culminate with her taking over February 1, 2021."

Wonda Winkler will be the new President and CEO of Brighton Center once Tammy Weidinger retires in 2021.
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Susan McDonald, Chair Person of the Board of Directors also commented on Tammy's announcement. "The Board accepts Tammy’s decision to retire with understanding and deep appreciation for her years of leadership,” said McDonald. “Tammy has led Brighton Center as President and CEO with integrity and grace over these last 10 years and the organization is stronger, because of her leadership. Tammy’s commitment to create innovative programming that best meets the needs of customers and the community is at the foundation of everything she does. Tammy’s ability to build strong partnerships and her deep commitment to our families, have allowed her to take Brighton Center to where it is today. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to thank Tammy for her commitment to Brighton Center, where she has spent her career creating opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency."


"Through unanimous vote of our Search Committee, we are beyond pleased that Wonda Winkler will be assuming the role of President and CEO of Brighton Center,” said McDonald. “Wonda has 27 years of experience at Brighton Center and for the last 10 years she has held the position of Executive Vice President. Wonda and Tammy have worked in tandem well over two decades, ensuring a smooth transition. Wonda is a person of integrity, deeply respected by Brighton Center staff, her peers, and a trusted member of this community. She is wholeheartedly committed to Brighton Center’s mission, core values, customers, stakeholders and the community at large, which makes her the ideal candidate to lead Brighton Center into this next chapter. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate and welcome Wonda to this new role as President and CEO.”

Wonda also expressed her respect for Tammy in a statement released by Brighton Center. "It's an honor to follow Tammy Weidinger as President and CEO, an amazing leader that I strongly respect  and admire. Brighton Center is an organization with a rich history of bringing impact and real solutions to our community. The Center is a tangible part of the fabric of our region and it is the staff, customers, friends, donors, and volunteers who have helped build this legacy," said Wonda. "I am extremely passionate about this organization and our community, and look forward to leading team Brighton Center into the future with great hope and optimism."

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