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Monday, June 8, 2020

Governor Beshear Gives Covid-19 Update and Longterm Facility, Food Benefit Updates

By Jessie Eden

Governor Beshear gave his daily Covid-19 update on Monday afternoon and announced that although cases are generally down...the amount of extra contact that people have had since quarantine was lifted have contributed to more cases overall.

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He also gave numbers for both Sunday and Monday. There was one death on each day;

70 new cases, (Total number in KY: 11,356)

- 4 from Kenton
- 3 from Boone
- 1 from Campbell

- 51 year old woman in Davis County


120 new cases (Total number in KU: 11,476)

- 2 in Campbell
- 5 in Kenton
- 3 in Boone

- 66 year old man from Hardin County


TESTING / HOSPITALIZATIONS:Every week since May 11, Kentucky has conducted 40,000 each week. Additional statistics are listed below;

- Total Tests Completed in KY: 285,358 (close to top 20 states in the US)
- Hospitalized currently: 487
- In ICU currently: 76
- Recovered Covid-19 Patients: 3,359

Status of Cases at Longterm Care Facilities 

Secretary Eric Friedlander spoke on longterm care facilities and the actions taken. "The Governor was very aggressive in cutting off visitation to longterm care facilities early on. We had a longterm care group who advised us very early on standards we should put in place. We've tested about 30,000 residents and staff. We've tested about 129 facilities. We'll get to at least half before the week is out. WE have bee strategic about the facilities that we test and we have tried to be targeted and have a plan to test aggressively and responsibly."

Kentucky is in the Top 10 of states with reduced cases in longterm facilities. Secretary Friendlander stated that Kentucky's numbers are half that of the national average of cases. "Kentucky has done a good job...a very good job. Even though we talk about rates across the state, we have done a good job."

P-EBT Food Benefits Update

Secretary Friedlander also addressed the P-EBT program and encouraged people to continue to apply through the end of June. "We've been able to extend benefits to additional households where children have been impacted. We think we've reached almost 400,000 kids. You can sign up until the end of June."

Full details below;

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