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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Healthy at Schools plan announced for Kentucky

Phase three in reopening Kentucky's economy will begin on Monday, June 29.

Governor Andy Beshear reported 229 new cases today and said that Kentucky’s cases are not growing at the rate of other states seeing spikes.

“Make sure you’ve changed your lifestyle until we get a vaccine,” said Beshear. "Reduce your normal contacts by 50%. The plateau in numbers comes as testing has increased significantly from where we were a month or two ago."

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Beshear reported that they were adding a testing location in Kenton County.

"We're seeing some disturbing numbers in the Cincinnati area and increases in Northern Kentucky," said Beshear.

The big news that came from the conference was the guidance that was released on reopening schools next year.

“What we cannot do is make recommendations that we know would protect not just students but the teachers and the bus drivers and the rest,” Beshear said.

Healthy at Schools plan announced 

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman went over guidelines for reopening schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

"It is not fair to put new expectations on hundreds of thousands of children that come to the same school building every day without also allowing for our schools to be able to innovate and to be able to change the way they do things in the name of health and safety," said Coleman.

Coleman said that safety is important for both students and staff.

“It is our duty to protect every child, but it is also our duty to protect every adult and every family member of the folks in our school buildings."

She outlined a memo that will allow schools to have unlimited NTI days for new school year, to base SEEK funding on previous years’ attendance and will allow 75% more children to be served under Expanded Care program, with 3:1 federal match.

She called on the federal government to issue more funding for schools as they work to support students amid the ongoing pandemic.

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Interim Education Commissioner, Kevin Brown, also mentioned the flexibility to use non-traditional instruction days.

"There will also be continuity and predictability in education funding this year," he said.

Brown gave some guidance on expectations, which will be required, and best practices that will help keep schools open. Brown discussed social distancing, face coverings, screening, sanitation and contract tracing. He also said guidance will continued to be updated after the initial release today.

“If a student is moving, they need to have a mask on. If they are less than six feet from another, they need to have a mask on. If they are on a bus, they need to have a mask on. Kids need to see adults they know and respect modeling social distancing and mask wearing," said Brown.

This article will be updated as the guidance is posted. 

WEDNESDAY 6/24/20 - SUMMARY UPDATE from Governor Andy Beshear:

> NEW CASES: 229 new cases, 315 yesterday. (Total number in Ky: 14,363).

Boone Co. - 6
Kenton Co. - 7
Campbell Co. - 1
Grant Co. - 1

- Over 368,152 tests completed to date in Kentucky.
- Total patients who have been hospitalized: 2,574.
- Total Patients Currently in Hospital: 335.
- Total Patients admitted to ICU: 992.
- Still Currently in ICU: 79, 70 yesterday.
- Recovered Patients: 3,706.

Total Death Toll: 538
Total Death Toll NKY: Kenton 36; Boone 23; Campbell 12; Grant 4.

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