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Friday, June 19, 2020

Newport Dog Park Announces Tentative Opening Date, Updates on Progress

The Newport Dog Park organizers have provided an update on the park's progress.
(Img: Cayce Sweeney from Aerial Impressions)

By Jessie Eden

The Newport Dog Park organizers provided an update on Thursday afternoon on Facebook in regards to the progress at the new dog park.

Due to Covid, the park has encountered several issues with production, shipping and congregating...that being said, they expect the space to officially open between mid-July and August 1.

Here are some additional updates on some of the progress on special features in the park;

Fencing – Because of the larger area for the new dog park, the current fence is not enough to enclose the new area. The existing fence has been removed and is being stored and repaired. The incremental fence along with the small dog area fencing is on order but has been delayed due to production issues that were COVID related. As soon as the fence is available, EADS will be installing the fence and extra gates.

Dog Water Faucet – Our new Murdock Water Fountain is on order via Winnelson. They have been a wonderful partner in enabling us to purchase the additional faucet so we can supply fresh water for our furry friends in both the All Dog Park and the Small Dog Park.

These are made to order in California, and we are being told July 6th it will be ready. As soon as it arrives, we will connect and install the existing faucet and new faucet to fresh water.

Engraved Bricks – THANK YOU! We have over 130 bricks on order and being custom engraved. These are in the final week of production and will arrive by July 6th. These will be placed in the new entryway. We are still searching for a brick mason that can lay these so if you have a recommendation, please send us an email.

Trees – We have been offered up to 10 trees for the new park by Paul Hemmer. We have been coordinating with our resident Arborist Rachel Compte. These will be planted in the fall when it is a more optimal time to plant. These will be a great source of shading over the years to come. The current tree line provides excellent shading in the afternoon and evenings.

(Img: Cayce Sweeney from Aerial Impressions)

Other Amenities – All the existing benches and poop stations will be moved to the new park gradually over the next several weeks. We are procuring more of these for the new location. We have a punch list of 20+ small details to get done but we are making progress every day!

To stay up to date on all the progress, follow the Newport Dog Park on Facebook.

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