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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Campbell County elections filing deadline has passed, here's who's running:

Campbell County Fiscal Court (FTM file)

 By Robin Gee, city council beat editor

The filing deadline for elections across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Campbell County was June 2 at 4 p.m.

The primary election is Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The general election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Cities with those who have filed are below. The order in which the candidates are listed correspond with when they filed for office.

Voting has changed during the pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some aspects of the election process have changed. According to the Campbell County Clerk election website, every registered Kentucky voter will receive a postcard with information on how to apply for an absentee ballot. An online portal is available with a series of prompts to walk voters through the process of requesting a ballot. Ballots will then be mailed to the voter along with a prepaid envelope to return the ballot to the clerk’s office.

For voters who do not want to return their ballot by mail, there will be a secure drop box in the lobby of the Campbell County Building, 1098 Monmouth Street in Newport and another one outside the sheriff’s office in the lower level of the building at 8330 West Main Street in Alexandria.

Stop searching, start finding.

From June 8 to June 22, in-person absentee voting will be available by appointment only for voters who need ADA voting machines or who are unable to receive a ballot by mail.

The upcoming election is Tuesday, June 23. Due to state regulations, the only voting location open for in-person voting that day in Campbell County will be at the First Baptist Church, 4410 Alexandria Pike in Cold Spring. Voters who can are strongly encouraged to use the online portal, and those who come in-person to vote on election day are asked to wear a mask and observe social distancing to protect poll workers, themselves and others.

To request an absentee ballot, you can go to

For more information, contact the Campbell County election office at 859-292-3885.

Here is who has filed for election in Campbell County

City council and mayor races:

Alexandria City Council (6 seats)

  • Thomas Baldridge
  • Stacey Graus
  • Steven Shinkle
  • Kyle Sparks
  • Joe Anderson
  • AJ Moermond
  • W. David Hart

Bellevue City Council (6 seats)

  • Stephen R. Guidugli
  • Ryan Salzman
  • Sean Fisher
  • Scott Witte
  • Patrick Hogan
  • Shauna Kruse

California Commissioner (4 seats)

  • Charles Styer
  • Larry P. Hiller Sr.
  • Sally O’Day
  • Chrissy Sizemore

Barre3 Ft. Thomas, Located at 90 Alexandria Pike

Cold Spring City Council (6 seats)

  • Lisa Schmidt Cavanaugh
  • Cynthia Jo Moore
  • Paul Kloeker
  • Deanna K. Hengge
  • Chris Ampfer
  • Kenneth J. Sears
  • Adam Craig Sandfoss
  • Stephen Roach

Crestview Commissioner (4 seats)

  • Brian Merman
  • Jeremy Rider
  • Victoria Plantholt

Dayton City Council (6 seats)

  • Joseph Neary
  • Anthony Vincent Cadle
  • Justin Slover
  • Scott Beseler
  • Christina Kelly
  • Jeff Volter
  • Beth Ellen Nyman
  • Tammy Cornett
  • Jeff Haas
  • Robert Burgess
  • Ron Farris
  • John Walker Wirick

Fort Thomas City Council (6 seats)

  • Kenneth Bowman
  • Roger Peterman
  • Carla Landon
  • Benjamin Pendery
  • Adam Blau
  • Mark Cook
  • Jeff Bezold
  • Connie Grubbs
  • Matthew Jared Reed
  • Lisa Kelly

Highland Heights City Council (6 seats)

  • Gary Chinn
  • Deborah Ball
  • John Hoffert
  • Virgil L. Miller
  • Rene Heinrich
  • Michael Kessling

Melbourne Commissioner (4 seats)

  • Paul Landwehr
  • Karen Daley
  • Joanne Layman

Mentor Commissioner (4 seats)

  • Margaret Gosney
  • John Eric Brock
  • Larry Strasinger

Newport Mayor

  • Thomas Guidugli

Newport City Commissioner (4 seats)

  • John Santini
  • Beth Fennell
  • Kenneth Rechtin
  • Frank Peluso
  • Robbie Hall
  • Jason Walter
  • Gordon L. Henry
  • Jerry Rex Peluso

Silver Grove City Council (6 seats)
  • Jill Fessler
  • Herb Rardin
  • Jon Pelle
  • Scott McCarter
  • Corey Pelle
  • Jennifer Y. Smith
Southgate City Council (6 seats)

  • Patricia Hayley
  • Paul Melville
  • Mark Messmerr
  • Tyler D. Owen
  • Chris A. Robisch
  • Joseph (Joe) Anderson

Wilder City Council (6 seats)

  • Robert Blankenship
  • Jim Profitt
  • Valerie A. Jones
  • Sandy Ruschman Decker
  • Kelly Meiser
  • R. Andrew Williams

Woodlawn Commissioner (4 seats)

No one has filed.

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School board elections:

County School District 2

  • Joshua Perkins

County School District 3

  • Kimber Fender

County School District 5

  • Rich Mason

Bellevue School Board (2 seats)

  • Julia Webb Fischer
  • Elizabeth Ann Joseph

Dayton School Board (2 seats)

  • Rosann Sharon
  • Lori Peterson
  • Bernard T. Pfeffer

Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board (2 seats)

  • Jeff Beach
  • Karen Utz Allen
  • Julie Hewett Kuhnhein

Newport School Board (3 seats)

  • Julie Smith-Morrow
  • Aaron Sutherland
  • Theresa Miller
  • Melissa Sheffel
  • Billy Cole
  • Timothy David Curl

Southgate School Board (2 seats)

  • Jeffery “Jay” Paul
  • Diane Barlett Hatfield

Nonpartisan Offices

Soil and Water Conservation (4 seats)

Note: There must be at least four filers for this to be included on the ballot.

  • Richard Simon
  • Susan Ortlieb-Turner
  • Richard W. Carr

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