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Friday, July 24, 2020

Beshear Announces Second Highest Number of Cases, New Contract for Processing Unemployment and Economic Development News

Gov. Beshear: "Today we have seen the second-highest number of cases since March 6."

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear ended the week with his daily press conference on Friday by sharing the most recent Covid-19 cases -- a total of 797 new cases. This is the second highest number since March 6.

There were also 7 deaths, one of which was an 81-year-old man in Boone County. Per Gov. Beshear, if cases don’t come down over the weekend, there will be more restrictions put in place.

In a question asked by a member of the media, the Route 127's "Longest Yard Sale" was brought up with concerns about the spread of the virus. "There are requirements for yard sales, just like anything else. People have to wear a facial covering and with something like that, you'll be closer than 6 ft apart," said Gov. Beshear. "I would urge each person with a booth to wear gloves and follow these precautions. Nobody wants an annual tradition like this to turn into something that's remembered because of the spread of the virus."

In addition, Gov. Beshear gave an update on the following topics;

> Economic Development: Kentucky Commercialization Ventures

Gov. Beshear announced a new public and private partnership with various organizations throughout Kentucky to help grow the tech industry in Kentucky. The program, called Kentucky Commercialization Ventures (KCV), will work with all 8 of the universities in Kentucky as well as various trade and community colleges. Partners include the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, the Kentucky Community & Technical College System and the Kentucky Science and Technology Corp.

"By trying to foster the innovation and ideas out there, we can grow a better future based on our own intellectual capabilities in Kentucky," said Gov. Beshear. For more information, visit

> Unemployment Claims / Contract with Ernst & Young

Gov. Beshear announced on Friday that the contract with Ernst & Young (EY) will be extended in order to help with the remaining unemployment claims. "EY has helped with 56,000 claims and they've met all the expectations of the original contract. For all other claims, the work is 95% done." Gov. Beshear also stated that the cost of the renewed contact is $4.4 million which was paid out of the CARES Act funding, not the normal state budget. He also stated that they are hopeful this will be the last contract with EY but if EY hadn't been contracted to help, claims would still be three months behind.

There will be another update on unemployment on Monday.

> Recommendations to Churches

Gov. Beshear answered a question about a recent meeting with the Council of Churches where he recommended that churches go virtual for the next two weeks. "There is no mandate, we just recommended that congregations double down on their precautions and cleaning. We just offered some recommendations for their considerations." Gov. Beshear reiterated that this was a direct conversation with the Council of Churches.

Daily Covid-19 Update

See today's report here.

 797 (Total Cases: 25,931, duplicates removed )

19 kids under 5
- Youngest is 1 month old

- Campbell County: 12 (Total: 447)
- Kenton County: 27 (Total: 1,143)
- Boone County: 26 (Total: 906)

 7 (Total Deaths: 691)
- One death in NKY: An 81-year-old man from Boone County
- Mortality Rate: 3%

- Total Tests Completed in KY: 574,233
- Ever Hospitalized: 3,248
- Hospitalized currently: 618
- Ever in ICU: 1,125
- In ICU currently: 130
- Recovered Patients: 7,396 (not every patient reports that they’ve recovered)


**It is now over the 5% mark that the White house and others suggest starting to take steps…**

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