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Friday, July 31, 2020

Cincinnati Cancels Riverfest for 2020 Due to Covid-19 Concerns

Mayor Cranley announced on Friday that Riverfest would not move forward this year.

By Jessie Eden

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced Friday morning during his daily press conference that Riverfest will not move forward this year. The annual event, presented by Western and Southern and WEBN, has been completely cancelled on the Cincinnati side of the river.

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"I think this is fairly obvious but we want to be explicit, and it's sad, but given the history of this city with this year has been unfortunately a year to not do a lot of great traditions, that we will not be having a Riverfest this year in Cincinnati," said Mayor Cranley. "We will not be permitting any gathering activities - beer sales, fireworks, gatherings on the river. The wonderful tradition of the fireworks will have to wait until 2021. It's inconceivable that we would feel comfortable have that kind of a large gathering on the river despite the fact that our numbers are getting better. No one thinks that it will be that great by then or that we'll have a vaccine by then."

In July, the City of Newport withdrew from the event citing Covid-19 concerns as well. In a statement, the city said; "The COVID-19 Outbreak has caused a number of notable events in the City to be cancelled. Based on current restrictions and other logistical issues the City has decided not to participate in Riverfest 2020 and will not issue any associated City permits or licenses."

A final decision on the annual event had not yet been made at that time.

You can view Mayor Cranley's press conference here. 

(Mayor Cranley discusses Riverfest at 16:00)

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