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Monday, July 27, 2020

Four Covid-19 Steps from the White House Will Be Implemented by Beshear -- Bars to Close, Limited Restaurant Capacity

By Jessie Eden

In his daily press conference on Monday, Governor Andy Beshear announced that he would be implementing additional restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Kentucky.

Barre3 Ft. Thomas, Located at 90 Alexandria Pike

Ahead of the press conference, Gov. Andy Beshear ordered all bars to close and all restaurants to reduce seating capacity inside to 25%, according to a Facebook post from the Kentucky Restaurant Association.

"Florida has surpassed where New York was. Florida has now had the most cases of any state. Texas has had 1,000 deaths in 6 days. Our numbers show a significant escalation. If that doesn't convince you how fast this virus is spreading, I don't know what will. We are where Texas and Florida were. We do not want this to happen in this state. Now is the time for us to act."

On Sunday, Governor Beshear and Dr. Stack met with Dr. Debra Burks, White House Coronavirus Task Force. "The White House is recommending 4 steps for escalating states. They are the steps that they -- and we -- believe that if we take action now, we cannot become a Texas or Florida. By taking action right now, we can prevent that from happening. Our priorities are to save lives, protect our economy, and get kids back in school at some point. These points are all interdependent."

These four steps from the White House include;
1) Implement a mask mandate – Action taken July 10

2)   Limit social, non-commercial gatherings to 10 or fewer people – Action taken July 20

3)  Bars to close for 2 weeks -- Going into effect on July 28

4) Limit indoor restaurant capacity to 25% with social distancing

Additional Recommendation:

Schools to postpone in-person instruction until the 3rd week of Aug.

Fort Thomas Independent Schools had previously delayed their in-person instruction to begin on August 26.

“This is not outside of our control," added Dr. Stack. "Our actions can have a positive impact on this. You have President Trump and Governor Beshear making the same recommendations. It’s not politics, this is science.”

Gov. Beshear says when bars reopen, there will be a "seat rule." “If you’re in a bar, you need to be seated, unless you need to get up to go to the bathroom. This is going to hurt a lot of restaurants, but it's absolutely necessary to save lives and protect the economy", said Gov. Beshear. "The White House believes these four steps can be as effective as healthy at home and less disruptive to the economy."

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Daily Covid-19 Update:

522 (Total: 27,601 cases )

NEW CASES PER COUNTY: **Data coming**
- Campbell County: 3 (Total: 463)
- Kenton County: 7 (Total: 1,201)
- Boone County: 5 (Total: 934)

- 21 kids under 5
- Youngest is under 11 days old

 9 (Total Deaths:  709)
- No deaths in NKY reported

- Total Tests Completed in KY: 588,926
- Ever Hospitalized: 3,376
- Hospitalized currently: 609
- Ever in ICU: 1,129
- In ICU currently: 131
- Recovered Patients: 7,466 (hardest number to track
- Positivity Rate: 5.58%
- Mortality Rate: 3%

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