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Friday, July 3, 2020

Grand Opening of Highland Park on July 6 Includes Youth Toss, Freshman Exhibition Game

On Monday, July 6, there will be a Grand Opening event at Highland Park. The event starts at 4:45 p.m. with a Youth Toss and High School exhibition game between incoming freshman at 6 p.m. Social distancing is encouraged.

By Joe Grimme
Field of dreams – right here at home

For many years, it was a dream to have an artificial turf field upon which our community could practice and play games. Approximately eighteen months ago, I decided to take the initiative to try and make this dream come true. With the generosity of many people in Fort Thomas, as well as the surrounding communities, this dream has become a reality. It’s time to play ball – and we want you to celebrate with us.

On Monday, July 6, the “Grand Opening of Highland Park” will take place, which will be our way of welcoming everyone to attend and see the new field. The festivities will begin at 4:45pm with a “Youth Toss”, when kids of all ages can show up with their glove to toss on the new artificial turf infield. This will be followed up with an opportunity to thank several people that are responsible for the completion of this project. After a ceremonial first pitch is thrown by former Highlands Baseball Coach Ken Lehkamp, an exhibition game between incoming freshmen will take place at 6:00pm, which will involve close to 40 players.

Please note that this is NOT a school-sponsored event. In addition, we would like to remind everyone that this is a public park with ample space to socially distance from others in order to enjoy the festivities.

After all is said and done, the installation of the artificial turf infield will have cost approximately $220,000. Most of this was accomplished through borrowing funds from private investors, in addition to corporate sponsors (advertising banners) and the selling of engraved bricks that are located behind home plate near the concession stand.

This facility used to be a dirt field, which had no pitcher’s mound, no fencing, no dugouts, and no structures of any kind. To say we have come a long way would be an understatement. Much of the improvements over the years have been the result of many hours put in by former coaches, parents, the City of Fort Thomas, and current Highlands Baseball Varsity Head Coach Jeremy Baoini. Without the countless hours of everyone combined, we could have never gotten to where we are today.

While the infield project is finally complete, the work is not over. We must now work hard to produce income through field rentals, additional corporate sponsors, and ongoing brick sales.

We need your help. 

Please consider any of these options and take a look at what we have done – when you are at Highland Park. If you are free tomorrow night, please join us for the Grand Opening and bring your family. We will have concessions, music, an announcer for the game, and an ice cream truck. 

If you would like to participate in any way to help continue to support our facility, please contact me via email

Thank you and let’s PLAY BALL!

- Joe Grimme

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