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Friday, July 17, 2020

KY Supreme Court Overturns Boone County Judge Ruling, Beshear Covid-19 Mandates Will Hold In Place

AG Cameron's case with Boone County Judge overturned by KY Supreme Court. Gov. Beshear's guidelines will still stand without interference from lower Kentucky courts.

By Jessie Eden

In Governor Andy Beshear's press conference on Friday, he announced that Attorney General Daniel Cameron's order which was passed by a Boone County Judge late on Thursday night has been overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

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This means that the Kentucky Supreme Court has prevented any orders from any lower courts that would restrain any of Gov. Beshear's safety guidelines, restrictions and mandates.

Gov. Beshear also said that if the ruling would have been approved by the Supreme Court, it would have removed unemployment benefits for first responders and reduced funding for Kentucky schools.

He also said he didn't regard the ruling as a win. “I’m not excited even though this could be perceived as a win…I’m relieved because I’ve stayed up the last two nights not sleeping because I was afraid how many people would die. I stayed up the last two nights wondering what our first responders would do if they got sick. I stayed up because I was worried what our schools would do.”

Although this means that all of Gov. Beshear's Covid-19 mandates will remain in place, the Supreme Court will allow the lower court to create a full record of the case so that arguments can be heard at a later date.

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Other Priorities / Data for Next Week

Gov. Beshear outlined that his three priorities throughout his fight against Covid-19 are to protect the lives and health of Kentuckians, restart the economy and open schools...but he also stated that if cases don't decrease, opening schools is not going to be possible.

He also stated that next week, his administration will release additional data on how the virus is infecting different age ranges. Currently, there are 10 kids under the age of 5 who are infected. Three of those kids are under one year of age. Two kids are just at a year old.

Covid-19 Update:

531 (Total: 21,605 cases )

- Campbell County: 14 (Total: 365)
- Kenton County: 17 (Total: 961)
- Boone County: 16 (Total: 801)

-  8 (Total Deaths: 653)
- There were no deaths in NKY.

- Total Tests Completed in KY: 522,267
- Hospitalized currently: 452
- In ICU currently: 89
- Recovered Patients: 6, 772

- 4.19% (Per Gov. Beshear: If we go over 5%, officials recommend rolling back re-openings)

You can view the full KY Covid-19 Daily Report here.

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