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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

NKY Slow Streets Project Contest Deadline Has Been Extended

Make Your Street Safe: The relaunch of the Vision Zero NKY’s Northern Kentucky Slow Streets Project Contest

The Devou Good Foundation (DGF) extends the deadline to enter the NKY Slow Streets Project Contest in response to the limitations created by the coronavirus. The contest furthers DGF’s mission to help Northern Kentucky thrive by improving the safety of the roads for all users by inviting qualifying groups and organizations in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties to enter. 
The winners of the contest will receive expertise, labor, management, and materials to make the winning project(s) become reality -- $50,000 in available funds to purchase traffic-calming materials will be awarded to up to three applicants. 

The application is available at

As we respond to the CDC and Governor Beshear’s COVID-19 recommendations, Northern Kentucky is experiencing a dramatic increase in pedestrian and bicycling activities. There are indicators this trend will continue making the re-launch of Northern Kentucky Streets Project Contest timelier than ever with the goal of reducing the number and severity of crashes on residential streets, lessoning the impacts of cut-through traffic, and adding to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. This will be achieved by the collaboration of residents and city leadership, giving streets visual and physical cues to slow drivers to 20 mph resulting in safer streets for everyone.

The contest emphasizes quick-install, low-cost fixes such as signage, trees, pavement markings, speed cushions, curb extensions, pedestrian safety islands and improving visibility/sight distance.  

Slow Streets Project co-chair Jeremy Worley said, "I'm excited to resume the slow streets contest. We've noticed an influx of new users on the streets since the pandemic began and it's highlighted how important pedestrian and multi-modal infrastructure really is. The Slow Streets Contest is a great way for citizens or community groups to make a significant change to improve the safety of their streets. If you know of an unsafe or dangerous roadway condition in your area I encourage you to read up on this contest, reach out to us and see how we can help make your streets safer."

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  1. Our street is posted 15, with 10 on the blind curves. I'd recommend solar-powered flashing red lights around the stop signs at Grandview/S. Ft T Ave, Grand/S. Ft T Ave, and anywhere else in town with such egregious rolling stops. PLEASE!