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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Survey Says Social Distancing Has Made People Feel Closer to Loved Ones

A recent study says that people feel closer to their loved ones after social distancing and quarantine practices.

By Jessie Eden

A recent survey completed by says that social distancing has made them feel closer to their loved ones.

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The survey was conducted on 500 Americans over the age of 18. Participants were asked questions on the impact of social distancing and how it has affected their personal lives. 

The findings are below;
  • 54% say they feel closer to their friends and family than they did before.
  • 48% say they’ve learned something new about a friend or family member during social distancing.
  • 50% say they feel more pride in their community than they did before.
  • 63% of Americans celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and other special occasions with technology, such as video calls.

New survey says social distancing has made people feel closer to loved ones.
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As people have started to spend more time at home, many Americans have turned towards developing themselves, and taking steps to prepare themselves better for the next time there’s a lockdown.
  • 74% say they feel more prepared to handle a similar situation in the future.
  • 53% feel more confident in their technical abilities than they did before.
  • 47% have learned a new skill or hobby during social distancing.

To learn more, check out the survey on

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