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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Arcade Legacy Unveils New Plans for Newport Location, Timeline for Reopening

Arcade Legacy Unveils New Plans for Newport Location, Timeline for Reopening.
(Img: Arcade Legacy)

By Jessie Eden

Arcade Legacy, an all-you-can-play arcade with locations in Newport, Forest Park and Northside, announced on Tuesday via its Facebook page that it's Newport location will be switching spaces with Hallmark in the Newport Shopping Center.

In the post, the owner of Arcade Legacy, Jesse Baker, stated that the arcade will be moving to a space a few doors down from Hallmark starting on August 10 while Hallmark prepares to move into its new spot where Arcade Legacy was formerly located -- between the shoe repair shop and Family Dollar.

Arcade Legacy came upon this option to switch spots when they approached the owners of the shopping center in search of alternative lease options. "We've been struggling to make AL work in Newport for quite a while. In October last year I reached out to the owners of the Newport Shopping Center strip to see if there was anything we could do. Any options to get out of the lease or to help us with a new deal. It just so happened that they did have an option..."

According to Jesse, Hallmark needed an alternative option as well. The store had encountered an unfortunate noise problem with its new neighbor, Crunch Fitness. "When the new Crunch Gym opened up directly next to Hallmark, they must not have anticipated a problem with all the noise and vibrations that would be directly on the other side of the wall there. Hallmark is a quiet place, so the constant banging of weights was an issue."

The opportunity for both businesses to switch places, which offered more reasonable lease options, was unfortunately delayed due to quarantine...but now things are moving along again.

OrangeTheory fitness, Newport Pavilion

Both businesses will take a few months to complete the switch. Arcade Legacy hopes to reopen by the end of the year. "We have to move it all to a temporary space a couple doors down while Hallmark gets our space ready for them to move into. This means we will be closed for at least another 4-5 months."

This means even more changes for Newport Shopping Center. In May, Churchill Downs announced that it would begin construction on a historical racing facility. The planned historical horse racing (HHR) facility was approved by the Churchill Downs Inc (CDI) Board of Directors in mid-April. The $38.4 million project known as the "Newport Extension" is part of the overall development and renovation project underway for Turfway Park, and is considered an extension of its gaming license.

Jesse also stated that once it reopens, it will be better than ever. "Right after I signed the lease I had an idea. I sent a message to a friend who shall not yet be named. Something clicked, and even just in the last 24 hours has started to evolve into something great. If all goes as planned, AL Newport will be a whole new animal. So these 4-5 month will not be sitting idly just waiting to move all this stuff again. The wheels are turning. Plans are already being laid. The potential in front of me is very exciting, and I am looking forward to sharing more about it once it starts to become a reality."

Check out the original Arcade Legacy post below.

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