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Friday, August 21, 2020

Farmers' Market Vendor "Blue Oven Bakery" Destroyed in Fire, Owners Forced to Scale Back Orders

Blue Oven Bakery has been forced to limit its sales after a fire rips through their bakery and destroys the facility.
 Blue Oven Bakery)

By Jessie Eden

Sad news to report from one of the staple bakery vendors for the Fort Thomas Farmers Market and throughout Greater Cincinnati.

The Blue Oven Bakery, who is regularly at the Farmers' Market and sells items at Findlay Market and some grocery stores in town has announced that its baking facility was destroyed in a fire.

Owners Mark and Sara Frommeyer made the announcement Friday afternoon on Facebook. "It is with great sadness that we report that tragedy struck last night at Blue Oven Bakery. The bakery where we do all of our major production for farmers' markets, restaurants, and grocery stores caught fire and burnt out of control, and the bakery did not survive. Fortunately, no staff were involved, and everyone on site was unharmed by the fire. Unfortunately, with our production out of commission we will not be able to attend farmers' markets or make deliveries this weekend and for an unforeseen amount of time."

(Img: Blue Oven Bakery)

However, Blue Oven Bakery will continue to sell a limited amount of items at Findlay Market for the time being as walk-up purchases. "You've supported us through thick and thin for the past 13 years, and once again we'll rely on your support at Findlay Market in order to make it through this difficult time. It is a great pleasure to serve our Blue Oven friends and family, and we are heartbroken we won't be a part of your week for the time being. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, and to the staff who have endured and made Blue Oven the best in this craft business we're heartbroken for each and every one of you and know you will help us find the way forward."

(Img: Blue Oven Bakery)

Although the future is uncertain at the moment, Mark and Sarah are hopeful they can resume business soon. " Hopefully, we can get back to being the Blue Oven you know and love very soon, and for now we hope to see you at Findlay Market!"

Read Blue Oven Bakery's full announcement on Facebook below or click here.

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