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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rumors Fly in Alexandria About Construction on Alexandria Pike; Here’s What We Know

Something's going on at this corner on Alexandria Pike near the Reca building. It's a W4 Carwash, one of two being built in Northern Kentucky. The other location will be in Fort Wright.

By Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Although word on the street was that a fastfood franchise might be moving in, construction on Alexandria Pike near Walgreens is for a new carwash business.

W4 Carwash, a national company with several locations in the southeast, is building a new location at 2 Viewport Drive in Alexandria. They are also in the process of building another Northern Kentucky location in Fort Wright as well as a location in Richmond, Kentucky.

The W4 Carwash joins three other operating carwash businsses in Alexandria — Blue Roo, Alexandria Carwash and Town and Country Carwash. In addition, a closed Speedway carwash building stands empty.

Alexandria Mayor Andy Schabell and some on city council have expressed concern over the close proximity of these similar businesses and the expense involved in repurposing former carwash sites.

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At a recent council meeting, council member Kyle Sparks noted that the city has no control over the types of businesses going into a zone if those businesses meet all the necessary requirements and parameters of permitted uses within the zone. Schabell agreed.

The Alexandria Planning and Zoning board has been working on a zone amendment to change permitted uses to remove car washes from the city’s highway commercial zone in the future. This would not affect businesses already approved, including the new W4 business.


  1. What a joke. They need to cut their losses and find somewhere else to build. No need for that to be built. Only so much business to go around.

  2. NOBODY wants another car wash here...... the 4 that we already have aren't ever busy as it is!!!

  3. Instead of having all of these car washes, car part stores, Mexican restaurants, and speedways maybe we can build something for teens/kids to do!