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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Share Your Prayers, Hopes and Dreams at this Special Display at Christ Church

Add your prayers, hopes and dreams to this special display at Christ Church.
(Img: Pastor Edward Goode, Facebook)

By Jessica Eden

A new display at Christ Church UCC, located at 15 S. Fort Thomas Avenue, is encouraging those from far and wide to share their prayers, hopes and dreams on their prayer flag display.

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In a Facebook post last week, Pastor Edward Goode from Christ Church UCC said there are already over 100 flags on the display and it continues to grow.

Pastor Edward Goode has served at Christ Church UCC since 2018.
(Img; Christ Church UCC website)

Pastor Goode, who has served at the church since 2018, also put forth another request for those interested in participating. "As we are moving into new stages with school starting, seasons changing, and making decisions about the future of our country, I would like to invite you to add not only your prayers on an ongoing basis but also to share some of your hopes and dreams for what is ahead of us. Doesn’t need to be long or complicated - even just one word or phrase. What are your hopes and dreams?"

Pastor Goode also said the display will be up so the community will have a chance to add to it. "We’ll be leaving this up for the foreseeable future so there’s no rush but as you are walking, biking, driving by...feel free to share what is on your heart for our common future together," said Pastor Goode.

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