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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Water District to Drain Reservoirs for Sediment Removal

NKWD announces plan to drain reservoirs for cleaning this September.
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By Jessie Eden

The Northern Kentucky Water District announced last Friday that it will drain the reservoirs at 700 Alexandria Pike to perform necessary maintenance.

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In a letter sent to neighbors of the reservoir, Amy Kramer, the V.P. of Engineering, Production & Distribution,  outlined the project as "necessary to remove substantial amounts of sediment that has accumulated in the north reservoir."

The last time the reservoirs were cleaned was 1965. After the last cleaning, regulations were implemented to prohibit discharging the reservoir water and sediment to the creek behind the plant.

When raw water is pumped from the Ohio River to the reservoir, solid items from the river settle to the bottom. Although there have been some removal efforts throughout the years, they don't eliminate large sections of sediment so this new cleaning project is needed to do so.

In September, the north and south reservoirs will be drained at separate times, beginning with the north reservoir. A contractor will use heavy machinery to clear the sediment and it will be hauled away.

According to Amy, the contractor has until June 2022 to complete the work.There have been activities on an as-needed basis to remove portions of the sediment over the years, but this is the largest volume to be removed at one time.

Any fish will be relocated between the reservoirs during this process. It was not indicated in the letter how long the process would take but FTM has reached out to Amy for more information.

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