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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Cold Spring Council Member Resigns Due to Move Out of Town

Michael D. Ruscher has served on Cold Spring City Council for four years. He has moved out of the city and so has resigned his seat on council.

By Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Cold Spring City Council Member Michael Ruscher tendered his resignation Monday from council, stating that he has purchased a home outside city limits and, therefore, could no longer serve on council. He said his intention was to find a home within the city but was unable to find one.

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Ruscher has served on city council for four years. "I first want to thank the residents of Cold Spring for electing me into the position of council member and putting their faith in me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last four years and would like to think I served to the best of my ability in representing the concerns and needs of everyone in the city," he said.

He thanked his colleagues on council. "It was a pleasure serving with them and, while we didn’t always agree on certain issues, I believe we made every attempt to work together for the betterment of the city," he said.

"I also want to thank Mayor Penque, City Administrator Steve Taylor, Public Works Director Ronnie Hitch, City Attorney Brandon Voelker as well as City Clerk Robin Morency and Assistant City Clerk Ann Hargreaves for their support during my time on council."

Ruscher is an inside sales professional at Prysmian Group, a telecommunications and energy company located in Highland Heights. He did not file to run in the November election.

Kentucky state law on legislative vacancies

According to Kentucky law, vacancies in city legislative bodies must be reported to the county clerk and to the secretary of state. Although the council member must indicate a date of resignation in writing, that resignation does not become effective until the next special or regular council meeting following that date.

Remaining council members are charged with filling the vacancy by majority vote. If they do not do that within 30 days, then the power to fill the vacancy shifts to the governor.

A bittersweet departure

Ruscher said he may be moving, but he will continue to keep an eye on the city.

"Cold Spring will always be home to me. I grew up here, and it’ll always be a part of my life. I’ll continue to follow the goings on of the city from afar and wish everyone the very best," he added.

"Michael has served the community well over the last four years that he has been on council," said Cold Spring Mayor D. Angelo Penque.

The mayor and council are beginning their search for a new council member. "We are asking anyone who has an interest in assuming the position through January 01, 2021, to please email the city clerk their name and contact information so that we can get in touch with them for background information."

Once they have a list of potential candidates, he said, council will make a decision.

Those interested in the position can email City Clerk Robin Morency at or call her at 859-441-9604.

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