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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Local Drone Pilot's Footage Featured on "House Hunters"

Aerial shot of Highlands High School (Img: Dave Newman's Aerial Photography)

By Jessie Eden

It's not every day that someone local has their content featured on national television but Dave Newman received a special opportunity to do just that earlier this summer.

Fort Thomas resident Dave Newman owns and operates his own photography and videography company -- Dave Newman's Aerial Photography. For the past three years, Dave Newman has been an FAA Certified Drone Pilot. 

A Certified Drone Pilot actually requires FAA approval in order to operate a drone for a commercial purpose such as making money off of selling footage. "Without the certification you are subject to some large fines and for good reason. The certification requires passing a knowledge test. It's not easy, but it's do-able and I encourage anyone with interests in this field to do it right," said Dave. "It's a fun hobby! The drone is fun to fly and you can really get a fun and different perspective from 200' above ground. I get authorization to fly before I lift-off and follow the required rules and regulations when flying the drone." 

This past Spring, Dave's name was passed along to PieTown Productions with HGTV's House Hunters and a producer contacted him to shoot not only the three featured properties on the show but also some additional beauty shots of Northern Kentucky. 

Aerial shot of Highland Hills Park (Img: Dave Newman's Aerial Photography)

"I shot aerial footage of the three properties that the buyer was shown by the realtor. I was called back for some additional "scenic shots" of the Covington and Ludlow areas," said Dave. "These shots included the shows opening with a shot from above the suspension bridge on the KY side looking towards Cincinnati. There was also shots from Devou Park and Covington's historic Riverside Drive."

The "House Hunters" episode aired on May 12 and again just recently. "It was cool seeing my work on a Nationally syndicated show the caliber of HGTV House Hunters. I was really surprised by how much of my footage was used in the episode."

You can click here to sign in to watch the episode.

In addition to the HGTV footage, Dave also enjoys shooting aerial shots around Greater Cincinnati. "I like to shoot aerial shots of public places (i.e. the high school, parks, churches). I've done aerial video and still shots for realtors. I saw one ad using my work in a preview at the movie theater."

Aerial shot of Music Hall (Img: Dave Newman's Aerial Photography)

To check out more of Dave's work, visit his Facebook page.

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