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Friday, October 23, 2020

Bee Sweet Balloon Finds Niche During Isolation

New Fort Thomas business Bee Sweet Balloon delivers a little joy at home for every occasion.

By Robin Gee

As many businesses struggle to keep afloat during this pandemic, some people have found new opportunities and paths they might not have considered before the crisis.

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention," and Bee Sweet Balloon, a new home-based business in town, came about in response to the isolation we all face during this challenging and unusual time. 

"I never expected to be a business. I was just doing some decorations for family and friends during the pandemic," said owner Angela Cordero, a Fort Thomas resident.

She noted that usual venues for family celebrations, such as restaurants and party facilities, were closed or limited and events were being cancelled. She wanted to help these family events continue, so she started crafting balloon creations to help make at-home celebrations special.

Cordero was good at it, very good, and word got out. She created balloon art for birthdays, anniversaries, reveal parties and Get Well Soon messages. The business started to grow organically through word of mouth. 

At first, she said, it was just a casual part-time business. She said she knew how to do a few things with balloons, but after things started to take off, she wanted to learn more, and she had clients who were asking for more from her.

"As I got more clients, I have pushed myself...I took some classes for balloon arts, and I'm working on my floristry certification — which sounds super easy, however, in reality it’s a different story," she said.

Bee Sweet Balloon provides a colorful creation to celebrate a special day.

Bee Sweet Balloon now offers arches, garlands, columns, balloon-and-flower bouquets for baby showers, birthdays, graduations, weddings and more.

Despite the challenges posed by starting any business during a pandemic, the situation opened up an opportunity in a new direction. "Especially now, everyone is celebrating at home with just really close family...We are here for you to celebrate all the important dates and make them even more special."

The path has not been completely smooth, she admits. Besides learning about the business as it was developing, balloons are not considered essential, and it’s been hard to source supplies like helium, as many of these companies have temporarily shut down. 

Balloon creations based on themes are popular at Bee Sweet Balloon.

Still, Cordero said she is so happy to spread a little joy, especially now. "There's something special with balloons. It's a little funny, but they just have a way of making people happy. How can you go wrong when you deliver happiness everyday? The part I do enjoy the most is talking to my clients and listening to their stories when they are planning a surprise for a loved one. Being part of the surprises is awesome."

To order a balloon creation, place the order at least a week in advance. 

You can call or text Bee Sweet Balloon at 513-628-4588, follow on Instagram (@beesweetballoon), Facebook at Bee Sweet Balloon or email

A Happy Birthday bouquet delivered to the door.

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