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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fort Thomas Fire Chief Mark Bailey to Retire After 45-year Career in Fire Service

Fort Thomas Fire Chief Mark Bailey will retire at the end of December after a distinguished 16-year career in the city and a 45-year career in fire service.

 by Robin Gee, city council beat editor

Fort Thomas Fire Chief Mark Bailey, who has served as chief since 2004, has announced he plans to retire effective December 31, 2020. His career in fire service spans 45 years, and under his leadership, the Fort Thomas Fire Department has become known as one of the best fire service departments in the region.

In 2018, after completing an intense inspection by the Insurance Services Office, the department moved up to a “Class 2” fire classification rating. One of the main reasons for the rise in ratings centered on the department’s efforts, headed up by Bailey, to increase preplanning to protect buildings and enhance firefighters’ tactical capabilities in containing a fire and improving safety and survival.

The chief had said he considered retiring earlier in the year but decided to stay on to assist his department facing challenges from the COVID pandemic.

“Our fire department is positioned perfectly under the leadership of Chief Bailey. He leaves us with a leading department in the region for efficiency and professionalism,” said Mayor Eric Haas.

“We are grateful that a portion of his distinguished career was here in Fort Thomas and we know will benefit from his contributions to our community for many years.”

City Administrator Ron Dill expressed personal respect and praise for Chief Bailey, “Mark has been an absolute professional to work with. He is so committed to doing everything the ‘right way’ to protect the city, residents and his staff. He is engaged and respected in the fire industry in the region and represents us well. I personally love working with Mark and will miss having him as our chief.”

Haas and Dill said they will meet this week to discuss the process for hiring a new chief; details to come. 

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