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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fort Thomas Honors Local Girl — Heroes Come in All Sizes

Fort Thomas firefighter paramedics Matt Fite (l) and Josh Edmondson (r) honor Addy Kremer for bravery in helping her mom during a medical crisis. Dad and mom (Matt and Angie) stand with her.

By Robin Gee, city council beat edtior

A special recognition for bravery was the highlight at the October 19 Fort Thomas City Council meeting.

Addy Kremer was honored by the Fort Thomas Fire Department for actions that helped to protect her mother during a health emergency. Fire Chief Mark Bailey, along with firefighter paramedics Josh Edmondson and Matt Fite were on hand to explain what happened and to recognize the young girl for staying calm and helping her mother after her mother began to experience a seizure. 

"We discovered that this eight-year-old girl had rendered aid and called her father. Her father was able to get us there in just a few minutes. When we arrived, she truly was the only person to answer our questions. She was able to describe what had happened, and what she had done to stop what she could and to bring assistance along. We thought that was amazing, so we wanted to recognize her for that," said Edmonson.

Addy’s parents, Matt and Angie Kremer, were on hand for the presentation and obviously very proud of her.

Matt Kremer later explained what happened that day. "My wife has had stage four breast cancer for six and a half years. Due to recent developments, we knew the chances of a seizure were heightened. Having been in the military and being a big planner myself, I decided to sit all three of my children down to learn about it. They got some hands-on training so they would be prepared in case that happened. And then three months later it did."

He said he got a call from his wife that things did not feel right and so he left work and picked up Addy, a student at Woodfill. He took her home to watch over his wife while he went across town to pick up his older children, ages 11 and 13. When he was on the road, he got a call from his daughter that his wife was indeed having a seizure.

"I was just about two blocks from the fire station so I decided to just go there right away rather than calling 911. I got out and the firefighters were right there in the front office. They got the ambulance there to my house on the other side of town in only about two minutes."

He said he was worried about his wife and his young daughter. Even though he had tried to prepare his children as best he could, nothing like this had happened before, and he knew his child would be facing a very scary situation.

It turned out his wife was in very good hands. "Addy was scared, but she did what she had to do. She helped my wife down and got a pillow for her head; she moved the furniture to protect her head. She did everything on our checklist, it was pretty amazing," he said.

Kremer, who is the city administrator for the city of Erlanger, had much praise for the firefighter/paramedics who rushed to the scene. “Not only did they do an awesome job with my wife but also they talked to Addy who was really scared. They tended to my wife and to my daughter at the same time. They did a fantastic job,” he said.

For her brave and level-headed actions, the Fire Department honored Addy with a plaque, a Fire Service patch, challenge points and a very special build-a-bear.

Kremer thanked the Fort Thomas firefighter/paramedics and city officials for recognizing Addy for her actions. In turn the mayor, city officials and staff congratulated Addy for her bravery and her family for preparing even their smallest member to be a true hero. 

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